Majeure : Union Of Worlds

On Majeure’s 2015 release Union Of Worlds, AE Paterra made a synth-heavy masterpiece with six tracks that spanned sonic territory from hazy synth drifts to woozy long form electronics to moments of dreamy soundscapes.Heavy on synths and light on Paterra’s usual masterful drums, Union Of Worlds was a much more intimate and contemplative album.

Originally released on cassette only via Constellation Tatsu, Union Of Worlds has gotten the vinyl treatment via the amazing SFI Recordings. Remixed by Paterra and remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, Union Of Worlds comes to life once again in stunning sonic fidelity.

The six tracks on Union Of Worlds are a product of Paterra not having a proper recording environment for his drums, so he dived into the synth and electronics in Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze style. Creating an album heavy on Komische moods and Berlin School drifting. It falls in place as proper Majeure canon, following masterpieces Timespan and Solar Maximum.

The two long form pieces, “Appalachian Winter Blues” and closing title track “Union Of Worlds” both clock in at over 9 minutes and act as epic album centerpieces. Heavy on atmosphere and mood, both carry with them their own distinct vibes. Where the former has a sense of tension and dark mood, the latter feels lighter and more at peace. There’s a sense of release with closer “Union Of Worlds”, as if the storm has passed and we can catch our breath once again.

Surrounding these tracks are mood-heavy songs like the subtle album opener “Overmind” which brings to mind early 80s dystopian film scores. “Physis” is manic and one of the few tracks with percussion. It brings to mind Paterra’s work in Zombi. “Unimara” is methodical and menacing like John Carpenter at his best, while “Posthuman” feels very post-Tangram Tangerine Dream but with more emphasis on rhythm.

Union Of Worlds sees AE Paterra exploring sequencing and synth composition while also taking us on a musical journey. Part futuristic dystopian story, part melodic synth feast for the ears, Union Of Worlds is a solid entry in the Majeure canon, and one of the best forward-thinking Berlin School albums in the last decade.

The remixed, remastered version of Majeure’s Union Of Worlds is available now on vinyl via SFI Recordings. Buy it here.

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