Beach Fossils : Bunny

Beach Fossils came out of the early 2010s Captured Track scene, along with bands like Wild Nothing, Craft Spells and DIIV. Beach Fossils debut was more lo fi and bedroom pop, with band founder/songwriter Dustin Payseur’s vocals sounding as if they were emanating from a haunted conk shell residing on some melancholy shore line. The […]

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Future Museums : Dorsal Fin

Dorsal Fin is a sonic dive into deep blue space, though not the uncharted reaches of the cosmos but the vastness of the ocean. Future Museums, aka Neil Lord, has built a discography founded in light and life; songs owing a debt to classic Komische and Berlin School, while accentuating the genre with his own […]

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Mandy, Indiana : I’ve Seen A Way

The UK experimental post-punk/dance/noise band Mandy, Indiana is the sound of sexy androids building more sexy androids in a cave that doubles as a rave. Robotic rhythms seem to emerge from grinding machines and screeching gears, while the vocals are less a voice singing than another rhythm instrument. It’s grinding, industrial noise for the dance […]

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Dave Lombardo : Rites Of Percussion

Dave Lombardo is arguably one of the great living rock drummers. As a founding member of thrash legends Slayer, Lombardo took heavy metal drumming and combined it with hardcore punk speed to create a style that was jaw-dropping fast but could also lock into grooves when needed. Lombardo’s drumming was the key ingredient in making […]

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5 am

The house is as quiet as it ever gets at 5 am. A darkly-lit vacuum where the only sound that can be heard is the coffeemaker if I remembered to set it the night before. Not even when they were little did our kids get up this early. My wife doesn’t get up until 6:30 […]

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Take A Walk

I was never much of a runner. Or, a runner at all. As a kid in gym I was usually the last to finish the mile, with the exception of one or two others in class. I never completely stopped running, but I would slow to a jog or speed walk while holding my side […]

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