High School Dreams

I was listening to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast yesterday on a 3.5 mile walk on what was the first day of the 2019-2020 school year. In his opening monologue he spoke about a performance recently where it took place in what had been a high school. They’d turned classrooms into office spaces and were using […]

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Bon Iver : i,i

Justin Vernon appeared out of the cold Wisconsin woods back in 2007 and won over our hearts with an album filled with his scratch and dent white boy soul, earnest heartbreak songs, and a DIY approach that sounded honest and raw. For Emma, Forever Ago, a nothing left to lose record for Vernon, was him […]

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Monarch : Beyond The Blue Sky

Monarch is of course the name of a butterfly. It’s also the name of a southern California 5-pc rock band that mine rock and roll magic from a time when people still believed in the stuff. A time when headier states of mind, triple guitar attacks, and soulful undertones brought forth the best in us. […]

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Astral TV Ready ‘Travelling The Circuits’; Listen To “Different Dreams”

Two years ago Astral TV released their debut album Chrystal Shores. It was a dip into the electric ether; a foggy little trip filled with buzzing circuits and calming, distant melodies. The duo, which consists of Rasmus Rasmussen(Causa Sui, Aerosol) and Keith Canisius, built an album around the idea of electronic music that takes you […]

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