Dive Into The Deep End With London Odense Ensemble and “Jaiyede Suite, Pt. 2”; Album Out in June

It seems that there’s a new ensemble in town, London Odense Ensemble. Comprised of El Paraiso Records luminaries Jonas Munk, Jakob Sk√łtt, and Martin Rude, along with London-based jazz artists Tamar Osborn and Al MacSween, London Odense Ensemble came together for some seriously heady jams and it seems they’ve got an album’s worth of early […]

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John Scofield : John Scofield

Guitarist John Scofield has had a storied career since the early 70s, first as a guest player with everyone from Charles Mingus and Chet Baker to Gary Burton and Miles Davis, then starting in 1977 a prodigious run of solo albums that run the gamut between fusion, acid jazz, funk, and experimental. He’s collaborated with […]

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Mombi Yuleman : Beneath Bridgewater

I’ve always been fascinated with paranormal places, haunted places. Areas in the country where the unexplained remain as such. Where I’m from in the Midwest there’s a place called the Blue Light Cemetery. On certain nights in this nondescript final resting place for many a Midwesterner you can see a strange glowing blue light that […]

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A little At A Time

Last couple weeks have been a doozy. The world around me is changing, evolving, getting erratic and I’m trying to hold on without being flung into the Phantom Zone to wallow in my own self-pity. I’m not all that good with change. I like to find a groove and allow that groove to play out […]

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Lovelock : Burning Feeling

So you only need to browse a bit over on this site to know I’m a bit of a Steve Moore fanboy. Zombi, solo work, score work, and even his series of covers he did as Zombi and Friends over the course of 2020 and 2021 were nothing short of brilliant. It wasn’t until recently […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : SM Synthesis

New York-based electronic musician Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t stick to just one vibe. He’s worked in the world of Giallo, experimental, minimalist, house, and heavy synth over the course of his musical endeavors. Regardless of what world he’s creating in, it’s always striking and engaging. I’m still unpacking albums like Tre Sfere, Presents Pistacchio Sessions, and […]

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