Jeff Tweedy and “Some Birds”

As of late, I’ve been more excited about the music Jeff Tweedy has been creating outside of Wilco. In all honesty, I think Tweedy’s first solo album Sukierae from 2013 is the best collection of music he’s penned since Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born. There’s things to love about post AGIB Wilco, but I’m just […]

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Omni Gardens : West Coast Escapism

Steve Rosborough works out the psychic kinks through music. Whether he’s running his label Moon Glyph Records and releasing albums of forward-thinking psych by other like-minded artists, or laying down the cosmic Tangerine Dream vibes himself under the name Soothsayer, Rosborough is very much interested in healing thru the power of music. Though his label […]

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Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Mandy’

Nicholas Cage’s Red Miller seems like the kind of guy that left a lot of darkness in his past. He lives a simple life as a logger in the Pacific Northwest with the love of his life Mandy Bloom. You get the idea that before they had met Red lived a pretty raucous existence; drugs, […]

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“The Shape Returns”

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies have unleashed the first piece from their soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s Halloween and it’s an eerie reminder of what made Carpenter’s original so chilling, seductive, and the iconic piece it has become. The track, aptly titled “The Shape Returns”, sounds like a microcosm of all the various […]

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Wild Nothing : Indigo

Jack Tatum has a way with songwriting. He’s proven that since the beginning. Since way back in 2010 when Tatum was recording these dreamy, hazy pop songs in his bedroom that ended up being Wild Nothing’s debut Gemini. On that album the lo-fi aspect of the recordings added a touch of mystery to the proceedings, […]

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