ALONE 1980 : Sleepwalker

There’s this overwhelming sense of nostalgia that comes over me as I listen to ALONE 1980s new album Sleepwalker. The album lingers in the same space as bands like Pentagram Home Video and Videodrones, meaning there’s lots of analog dread, 70s horror, and Gothic undertones throughout the album’s 12 tracks. But underneath the woozy VHS […]

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Pieces Vol 2

In all horror trilogies number 2 usually seems to lack something that number 1 possessed. Maybe the element of surprise? Maybe there’s a touch of “I’ve seen this already” as tropes are revisited and not expanded on. Or maybe it just loses a bit of its luster when the first one was so damn good. […]

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Johann Johannsson : Mandy S/T

When Panos Cosmatos’ film Mandy was announced there was an instant buzz around the second film by the Canadian filmmaker. His 2010 low budget sci fi fever dream Beyond The Black Rainbow had built itself quite a cult following due to the film’s retro-futuristic look, new age nightmare storyline, and of course the incredible score […]

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