Hunter Complex : Open Sea

Lars Meijer’s Hunter Complex is a one man music project that locks into a very specific time in synth-based electronic music. He centers on the late 70s and early 80s, a time where heavy hitters like Froese, Roedelius, and Hammer were taking their heady electronic trips and honing them into tighter, more pop-based sounds. In-particular, […]

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Burning Tapes : Black Lake Soundtrack

Album art by Denis Cardan Black Lake is the name of an upcoming horror film by filmmaker K/XI. The film is written, directed, and stars K as protagonist Aarya. The synopsis goes like this: Aarya, a young woman, looking for inspiration and to pursue her passion for Expressionist painting, leaves her family in the city to house-sit, in […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : The Pentagram

Thomas Ragsdale seems to be in a constant state of movement. He’s not one to drop an album and savor that feeling of satisfaction and accomplisment, as for an artist like Ragsdale that taste turns bitter if he’s not onto the next thing right away. In 2018 alone Ragsdale dropped four releases; two EPs and […]

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Two Fools A Minute

The 80s were a tumultuous time. The threat of nuclear war loomed over our heads thanks to the Reagan/Gorbachev dog and pony show, somebody shot J.R(apparently), pegged pants were all the rage, something about Iran and the Contras, neon became a thing, and the Battle of the Network Stars was cancelled. But probably the most […]

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Craig Aalders : Oceanography

Typically I think of the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and I start to feel a little insignificant. Don’t get me wrong, there is an absolute and awe-inspiring beauty in a large body of water like the Pacific, or for even my neck of the woods Lake Michigan. Standing on the shore line at the […]

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