Salvatore Mercatante : Post

Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t just stick to one vibe in his work. His albums ebb and flow from subtle techno to heady synth atmospheres to even Darkwave and ambient. Point being, a one-trick pony he is not. He goes where the muse takes him. Mercatante’s albums always surprise and build unique sound worlds where you can […]

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That Orange Tone

Since the spring of 1994 I’ve been a tube amp kind of guy. My first amp in December of 1987 was this little generic practice amp. My uncle gave me his old DOD Flanger Pedal and I used to get this sound I called the “psychedelic butterfly”. I’m not sure where that name came from, […]

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Voyag3r : New York Ninja S/T

New York Ninja is not a movie you’ve seen, but you sort of have. You see, in 1984 John Liu wrote, starred in, and directed this over-the-top ninjasploitation film in New York. It had it all; gritty NYC and crime, a tragedy of epic proportions, and a hero donning a white ninja outfit slicing and […]

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Jeff Parker : Forfolks

Jazz guitarist Jeff Parker returns with another stunning display of his guitar prowess and compositional skills with the stunning Forfolks. A solo guitar affair in which Parker builds upon looping guitar lines to make something that tows the line between solo jazz guitar and avante garde, minimalist composition. Working once again with the amazing Chicago-based […]

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Wojciech Golczewski : Inert

Polish film score composer Wojciech Golczewski has made a reputation for himself as a director’s secret weapon. His scores add a depth and emotional component to the films he works on, building sonic worlds with analog sound that bring you into that cinematic landscape organically. Beyond The Gates, Tonight She Comes, We Are Still Here, […]

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New Year’s Day

I always remember New Year’s Day as a quiet day. It was the calm after the New Year’s Eve drinking and laughs. As a kid New Year’s Day was spent with the curtains closed in the living room while my mom watched TV on the couch lying down, while my dad stayed in the bedroom […]

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