…And Justice For All : 30 Years On

…And Justice For All was both Metallica’s shining achievement and also the straw that broke the band’s back. It was their most intricate, complicated, and progressive album of music, but also their most stunted collection of tunes. If the record had a face, it would be frozen in a perpetual scowl, seething at everyone else’s […]

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Ghost of a Dog

Out of the blue yesterday I thought about a dog named Helmut. This wasn’t some random dog name, or some random dog. Helmut was our dog from 1999 to 2009. We’d brought Helmut into our home in August of 1999, two years after my wife and I gotten our very first dog Dieter. Dieter was […]

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Earthless : From The West

As far as modern power trios go, there really is none more powerful than Earthless. With their epic improvisational pieces, album side-length tracks, and their seemingly endless jamming skills, this California trio put the “power” in power trio. Earthless consists of Isaiah Mitchell(guitar, vocals), Mike Eginton(bass), and Mario Rubalcaba(drums), and they’ve been blurring the line […]

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