A guy died at work yesterday. I didn’t know him. He was a contract worker who had only been at our facility for a couple of weeks. He was on the shop floor running one of the CMM machines. I barely know a handful of machinists, and ones I’ve worked with(generally speaking) for the last […]

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Darse & My Flower : Adore

I won’t pretend to know much about dance music. Techno, acid, house EDM, IDM, there’s just too much information to cram in my late 90s 256GB brain. But following record label Soundtracking The Void I’ve expanded my electronic musical palate quite significantly. For example, their newest release is Darse & My Flower’s Adore. This is […]

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Jeff Parker : Suite For Max Brown

I’m a year late to this party, but I’m so glad I finally arrived. Jeff Parker’s Suite For Max Brown is nothing short of brilliant. A coming together of jazz, hip hop, experimental sound collages, and an almost futurist psychedelia that brings to mind the best of 70s fusion that sought to open our brains […]

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“Connection With The Machine” : The Wired World of Polypores’ Stephen James Buckley

Stephen James Buckley, aka Polypores, makes electronic music that sits just on the cusp of chaos. He builds synthetic worlds and narratives with the modular synth, an unpredictable machine that while it may never be tamed completely it can be controlled just enough to blow open minds. The unpredictability and exploratory nature of the instrument […]

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Nigel Mullaney : The Navigator

If the name Nigel Mullaney doesn’t ring a bell, it’s because for a good portion of his career he’s worked behind the scenes. You may not have heard of his name, but more than likely you’ve heard his work via Netflix, DC, Marvel, AMC, Fox, HBO and the BBC. His work as an in-session programmer […]

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Polypores : Chaos Blooms

Hitting play on a Polypores album is like opening a door and you find yourself staring into a black hole. Or an alternate dimension where reality is rewriting itself in front of your eyes. The modular synth world of Stephen James Buckley is this magnificent madness in circuital form. Sounds emanating from patch cords, envelope […]

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