METZ : Automat

Metz have obliterated car speakers and ear drums quite easily since their Sub Pop debut album back in 2012. Their sound is like Tinnitus feedback served over a post-hardcore back beat with a healthy dose of primal screaming sprinkled on top. The Bleach and In Utero comparisons aren’t without merit, but there’s more to the […]

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Umberto : Helpless Spectator

Matt Hill, aka Umberto, has been making eerie, haunting electronic noise now for the better part of our current decade. Capturing the queasy vibes of 60s psychedelics and 70s Giallo into his own musical prism, Umberto played a big part in helping to create the imagined soundtrack universe. Ranging from subtle techno pulses, to dense […]

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Drab Majesty : Modern Mirror

Drab Majesty creates in light and dark. There’s the Gothic chill of Pornography-era Cure and the synth pop lift of early OMD, Talk Talk, and Animotion. Deb Demure started Drab Majesty while still drumming for Los Angeles experimental rock band Marriages. Donning white make-up and a white wig Demure hides all traces of some bloke […]

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Videodrones Ready ‘Atavistic Future’, out August 2nd; Listen To Mesmerizing “Church”

Videodrones is the electronic duo of Jakob Skott and Kristoffer Ovesen. The two create music in a buzzing electronic world of modular synths and circuital improvisation. Their 2016 debut Mondo Ferox was a mixture of Komische and Berlin School headiness, but existed as a soundtrack to some back room horror film. One of those Betamax […]

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Thom Yorke : Anima

Thom Yorke’s output sans Radiohead has been both more dystopian and personal. A mish mash of jittery electronics and claustrophobic vocals; it’s as if he was creating these songs locked away in a darkened room with no windows or signs of life to speak of. Trapped with nothing but a laptop and a looming existential […]

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Galactic Protector : Evening

There’s truly something quite magical about Galactic Protector’s debut album Evening. It’s made much in the same fashion as a lot of electronic/synth-heavy records are; human in a room with synthesizers, drum machines, and recording device. Ideas based around futuristic worlds and epic struggles put to music. But with Bryan Richie(bass/keys player for rockers The […]

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