Proto Droids : Sequential Dreams

Just in time for the October season, Proto Droids(aka Correlations’ Neil Hale) has dropped the 10-track wobbly synth album Sequential Dreams. An album of dreamy, glitchy electronic music to score some late night walkabouts or to just lose yourself for a bit. If you’re familiar with Hale’s Proto Droids project, then you know he’s no […]

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Wolfmen Of Mars : Might Be Evil

Wolfmen Of Mars fill a very specific musical void in my life; the vibes of my favorite childhood late night creature feature show called Nightmare Theater, which aired every Friday night on Channel 55, early White Zombie, a haunted western, and heavy metal electronic music. All of those elements intertwine and feed off one another […]

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Strange Waters : Deep Dive

The Fort Wayne surf rock purveyors Strange Waters have returned, much like the tide, for another round of surfin’ jangle and deep sea rockin’ and rollin’. Yes, just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water Strange Waters have returned to blow your mind, eardrums, and speakers with the killer 9-track […]

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El Paraiso Records Returns With Rude Skøtt Osborne Trio’s ‘The Virtue Of Temperance’, Out Early 2022; Listen To “L’Ombra Blu”

Back in 2020 the team of Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt, aka Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo, released two incredible LPs. The Discipline of Assent and The Dichotomy of Control were these sonically dense sound worlds that felt dusty as a dystopian western; buzzing strings, forward-thinking percussion, and wonky electronics that gave the proceedings […]

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Happy Birthday Witches!

The first album I ever bought from Burning Witches Records was Maine’s V. To be completely honest I didn’t even pay attention to the label because that album sucked me in so wholly. It bewitched me, pun intended. I just knew I was paying international shipping fees and I was totally good with that. The […]

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Missionary Work : The Ash tree

There’s something stately and haunting about Missionary Work’s new album The Ash Tree. Renato Montenegro has built an ornate castle of sound that is part parlor music, baroque Gothic, and classical music from beyond the grave. Music to accompany M.R. James’ tale of the same name, the harpsichord melodies intertwine with haunting synth and regal […]

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Candlebox : Wolves

Candlebox hit the scene with their self-titled debut in 1993. A hard rock four-piece coming out of the over-saturated Seattle music scene that was still reeling from the great grunge takeover of 1991. Candlebox stood apart from their hometown’s contemporaries in that they made straight up alternative rock that veered closer to Janes Addiction than […]

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New Ivan The Tolerable & His Elastic Band, ‘The Long Year’, Drops 11/26; Listen To “Night Hospital”

The last release from Oli Heffernan, aka Ivan The Tolerable, & his Elastic Band was 2020’s excellent Out Of Season. That album was this mixture of free form noise, blistering riffs, Sun Ra space explorations, and beatnik spirit in the form of spoken word courtesy of one of the coolest dudes on the planet, Mike […]

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Steve Moore : Gone World

Steve Moore has kept pretty busy despite a slow time for working musicians. Starting last year with a killer track on the Portals comp via Behind The Sky, Zombi’s excellent 2020, a series of covers this year under the ‘Zombi and Friends’ moniker, the collab album Liminial Migration with Bluetech, a new Zombi ep earlier […]

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