Voyag3r : New York Ninja S/T

New York Ninja is not a movie you’ve seen, but you sort of have. You see, in 1984 John Liu wrote, starred in, and directed this over-the-top ninjasploitation film in New York. It had it all; gritty NYC and crime, a tragedy of epic proportions, and a hero donning a white ninja outfit slicing and […]

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Jeff Parker : Forfolks

Jazz guitarist Jeff Parker returns with another stunning display of his guitar prowess and compositional skills with the stunning Forfolks. A solo guitar affair in which Parker builds upon looping guitar lines to make something that tows the line between solo jazz guitar and avante garde, minimalist composition. Working once again with the amazing Chicago-based […]

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Paul Gilbert : ‘Twas

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need another Christmas album. I’ve got Dolly, Vince Guaraldi, and that one Beach Boys one.” But I’ve got two words for you: Paul Gilbert. Yes, the six string maestro that blew minds in the 80s while shredding in Racer X, then found mainstream success in Mr. Big has […]

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Carlton Melton Go Back To where It Started With ‘Live In Point Arena’ 2LP Reissue Preorder

The mighty Carlton Melton have been trailblazers in psych rock since the late 2000s, putting out revelatory rock albums that play with sounds as varied as 60s fuzz guitars, 70s experimental, and ambient textures that encapsulate 50 years of forward-thinking music. But like every great trailblazer, you gotta start somewhere. For the Melton crew it […]

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Kanaan : Earthbound

Norwegian power trio Kanaan have laid some pretty impressive groundwork since their El Paraiso Records debut Windborne at the end of 2018. That album showed some serious musical chops from the young-ish three-piece, coming together with a sound that was both heavy and nuanced. Prog vibes combined with 70s art rock and a healthy dose […]

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Paul Riedl : Ambient Mixtape Vol. 3

Musician Paul Riedl has made a name for himself in the death metal scene with his bands Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice. Riding a wave of sonic doom and cosmic psychededlia, Riedl has put his stamp on extreme metal. But when he’s not writing pummeling riffs Riedl is making a different kind of cosmic psychedelia. […]

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Be Entranced By Garden Gate’s Baroque “The Voyeur”; ‘Blood Mansion’ Out December 3rd

It’s been a busy and fruitful year for electronic label Library of the Occult. What Tom McDowell has done is curate a very distinct and all-encompassing sound world, with many different artistic points of view. From his beginning with the label in July of 2020 McDowell has shared these very distinct and individual artistic points […]

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Kyron : Ascending Plume Of Faces

Another stunning album from the always forward-thinking label Library Of The Occult is the recently released Ascending Plume Of Faces by Kyron. In some respects it seems to reside in the same sonic world that LOTO is known for; mysterious, subtle, moody, and engrossing sounds. But Kyron also sounds wholly their own thing; electronics coalesce […]

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