Mr. Eff : Eyes Down

New York, 1981. Times Square was still littered with drug deals, porno theaters, and a general sense post-apocalyptic urban decay. By this point even Travis Bickle had said the hell with it, parked the cab, and moved to the suburbs. The “Big Apple” was indeed rotting to the core. It’d be several years before Giuliani […]

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Electric Youth : Memory Emotion

Like many, my first exposure to the Canadian synth pop duo Electric Youth was Nicolas Winding Refn’s dark noir film Drive. Besides the film being instrumental in showing the world just what Refn had up his cinematic sleeve(as well as how well Ryan Gosling could act by saying as little as possible), the soundtrack itself […]

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Sankofa : $5,000 Flashlights

There’s nothing quite like experiencing an artist at the height of their powers. Watching them make the magic happen the only way they know how. You wonder each time out if this is as good as it’ll get. Have they reached their pinnacle of creative power? Should I savor this just a little more? Sometimes […]

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Bricolage Celebrate Label Anniversary with Glasgow Exclusive Compilation

Glasgow-based record label Bricolage are truly a unique electronic record label. Covering the gamut from trip hop to techno to drone to heavy synth to cinematic synthwave, Bricolage have opened the doors to artists working at the top of their creative game. The label showcases innovators of electronic music, and ones you may have not […]

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Yeesh : Saw You Up There

It’s always a great feeling to discover a band. You hit play on a new album and instantly feel like you’re connected. You think “This is a band I can grow with. I can’t wait to check out what came before and what will be coming in the future.” I felt that way about the […]

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Astral TV : Travelling The Circuits

Astral TV lock into the universe when they create. Their music feels centered on some deeper understanding. A deeper understanding of what? Our connectivity to currents and how they effect us emotionally and psychically. It’s a visceral sound that goes from hazy, circuital beauty to more darker realms of tone and feel. Rasmus Rasmussen and […]

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Whitney : Forever Turned Around

Whitney display a knack for the nostalgic. The Chicago band channel music you would’ve heard on the AM dial on a melancholy afternoon drive in 1975. Light-as-air vocals, gentle horns, and a soft rock veneer that brings to mind everything from early Chicago, Eric Carmen, and mid-70s George Harrison. Production that’s tight and songs that […]

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