Iceblink : Carpet Cocoon

Lynn Avery describes her new album as her “comfort album, music to retreat to in the winter.” Avery, aka Iceblink, has made Carpet Cocoon as a bedroom new age album. Stitched together with nylon string guitar, synthesizers, flutes, and filtered saxophones, Iceblink’s Carpet Cocoon has a very pastoral vibe. A mixture of organic and processed, […]

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DDT : Enter The Bend

There’s some serious sonic voodoo going on when you drop the needle on DDTs Enter The Bend. It’s like opening a portal to some other dimension powered by third eye enlightenment and super-powered hallucinogenics. Droning guitars, tribal drums, and buzzing synths create a primitive symphony of noise that’s part space rock and part deep woods […]

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Mythic Sunship : Changing Shapes

A true sign of a psych band worth their weight in hallucinogenics is their set at Roadburn. Many bands have stepped on the stage in Tilburg, Netherlands, and when they do they need to bring it. They need to bring it all and leave nothing but scorched earth, sizzled amplifiers, and melted faces in the […]

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Of Montreal : UR FUN

There’s a sort of giddy insanity that comes along with musical world of Kevin Parker’s Of Montreal. From the beginning in the twee 60s pop rock of Cherry Peel to the emotional complexities on Hissing Fauna, You’re The Destroyer to the sexual awakenings of Skeletal Lamping, Parker has used Of Montreal as both a rock […]

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Daniel Lopatin : Uncut Gems S/T

I think the Safdie Brothers have found the perfect musical partner in Daniel Lopatin. His anxiety-driven score for their 2017 film Good Time was the perfect mix of trippy electronics and caffeinated jams. It felt perfectly tuned for the high anxieties Robert Pattinson dealt with during one long night in New York City. The working […]

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Metavari : Soft Continuum

This record is for Ty Brinneman. “Despite distance and season.” First and foremost, this new re-imagining of Metavari’s 2009 debut Be One of Us and Hear No Noise is a tribute to original band member Ty Brinneman. Bassist Ty Brinneman was diagnosed with a very rare but extremely dangerous form of cancer called pleural mesothelioma […]

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