Justin Pinkerton : Aak’ab

There’s a warm, comforting world that lives in Justin Pinkerton’s newest release Aak’ab. The modular sound here feels like a circuital blanket to warm us in these troubling times. When things seem so hopeless and we in turn feel helpless, the synth-based tracks that make up this record are a temporary reprieve from the madness […]

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Omni Gardens : Moss King

Omni Gardens’ West Coast Escapism from 2018 was one of my favorite albums of that year. I’d never really given new age music much thought prior to that record. There was this idea that formed in my brain early on that new age music was the scent of incense and was made by guys that […]

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The Flaming Lips : American Head

The Flaming Lips are one of the great American rock and roll bands. With Wayne Coyne at the helm they’ve been transforming, expanding, and regenerating musical limbs for over three decades. The fearless freaks from Norman, Oklahoma, Coyne and Co hit their stride in the mid-90s and at their dimmest point in their career with […]

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Rival Consoles : Articulation

Ryan Lee West makes the kind of electronic dance music that doesn’t really feel like dance music. There’s movement, rhythm, and grooves easily fallen into, but the sonic landscape feels more contemplative. West builds worlds on his albums as Rival Consoles, and starting back on 2015s Sonne EP, West began a new way to create […]

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Mark Tester : Super Hiss

There’s an adventurous spirit with Indianapolis-based musician/songwriter Mark Tester’s new album Super Hiss. More than a collection of songs, it’s a vast gallery of passing thoughts and sparks of creativity captured on tape. Short clips of guitar, synth, and synthetic instruments derived from floppy disk. Pop-inflected psychedelic vignettes that feel like waking from a vivid […]

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Ogre : Gates of Nessus

Ogre’s brand new long player Gates of Nessus, which is the second release from Tom McDowell’s Library of the Occult record label, is described as “ambiences and mood music for deep dungeon crawling, pen and paper RPGs, and cult paperback fantasies of yester-decades.” I’ve never dungeon crawled and was never much of a fantasy dice […]

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Proto Droids : Cybernetic World

So are you looking for something to get completely lost in? Something disconnected from the mainframe where time and space and inhibition have no place? Then welcome to the world of Proto Droids. Cybernetic World is that digital bridge between The Man-Machine and Madonna. Pure future electro-funk at the ready for any randy droid wanting […]

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