Edena Gardens : Live Momentum

Live albums have been a staple of late night spins since the dawn of the bean bag chair. Basements across the globe set up with decent hi-fi stereos, Hendrix wall tapestries, and a mellow haze in the air have welcomed sleepy-eyed listeners in their warm yet dank embrace. Cheap Trick’s Live At Budokon, KISS’ Alive, […]

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Sermons By The Devil : Pro-Life

I’ve always been a bit perplexed when it came to the pro-life movement. Growing up in the Midwest(aka, the Corn Belt) I’ve had a firsthand view of its insidious sincerity. Sure, saving the unborn children; making human walls of screaming, shrieking Christians in front of Planned Parenthoods, medical clinics, and OBGYNs calling cowering, scared women […]

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra : V

Ruban Nielson arrived on the indie music scene back in 2010 with his Unknown Mortal Orchestra project in an air of mystery. This lo-fi project made songs that sounded as if they’d been locked in a storage locker for 40 years; musty, muffled tracks that were equally built for grooving and for dropping out. Garage […]

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Jonathan Sharp : Niavka

Jonathan Sharp has been busy the last several years putting out next level, Gothic-tinged records as The Heartwood Institute. Hazy, dreamy, and eliciting sonic tales of witchcraft(The Witchcraft Murders) and dystopian worlds(check out the collaborative Concrete Island with HAWKSMOOR), Jonathan Sharp seems to never not be readying a new electronic delight for our ears. NIAVKA […]

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Tennis : Pollen

The Denver, Co indie pop duo Tennis, made up of husband and wife Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, have had a pretty impressive run of albums. Beginning in 2011 with their debut Cape Dory, the duo built on a sound that was heavy in 80s electro pop nostalgia and folksy indie rock ala Belle & […]

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Andy Shauf : Norm

I think it was 2017 when I came across Andy Shauf. Binging Canadian power pop dynamos Sloan, Shauf came up as a recommendation. The Saskatchewan-born Shauf’s music was this baroque pop singer/songwriter fare; sadsack tunes that borrowed from cats like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and early Rufus Wainwright. Shauf grew up around lots of instruments […]

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Yo La Tengo : This Stupid World

New Jersey’s Yo La Tengo are an indie rock institution. The three piece which consists of Ira Kaplan, Georgie Hubley, and James McNew formed in 1984 with Kaplan and Hubley. They released their first album Ride The Tiger in 1986, and McNew joined the band in 1992 for the album May I Sing With Me. […]

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Lil Yachty : Let’s Start Here.

So when my 19-year old daughter texted me over the weekend and asked if I’d heard the new Lil Yachty album, my initial reaction was “Huh?” But instead, I replied “Well, I’ve heard of him.” So she proceeded to tell me to give it a listen as she thought I’d like it. Given that I’ve […]

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The C.I.A. : Surgery Channel

So Surgery Channel isn’t an album of the Central Intelligence Agency’s greatest hits, but rather this is yet another Ty Segall project. This one in-particular is a project that includes Segall, his wife Denée Segall, and Cairo Gang’s Emmett Kelly. The sound is primitive electronic with touches of post-punk and even riot grrrl in Denée’s […]

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