The Rutabega : Leading Up To

It’s been six long years since we last heard from South Bend’s “Carp Rock Duo” The Rutebega. The band, which consists of singer/guitarist/songwriter Joshua Hensley and drummer/spiritual guru Garth Mason, has made endearing and emotionally buzzing alternative rock for the better part of 20 years. Hensley has a knack for pulling the listener into his […]

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Jon Brion : Meaningless

Jon Brion has made a name for himself as a go-to producer and film score composer for over 20 years now. Producing albums for artists as diverse as Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, and Spoon. And his film score credits include directors like Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell, Michel Gondry, and Charlie Kaufman. […]

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Jason Priest : For Your Consideration

Jason Priest, the Brit Rock alter ego of electronic musician/composer Antoni Maiovvi, has returned for yet another chance at music redemption in the form of For Your Consideration. Jason Priest Is Missing was Priest’s comeback album after spending the 80s lost in pills, booze, and self doubt. Newly sober, Priest made good on the promise […]

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Ogre : Cybercism

Nobody does 80s dystopian synth music quite like Robin Ogden, aka Ogre. The British electronic composer has been making albums as Ogre for close to a decade and each time out he tweaks and hones the sound to a fine, chromed-out sheen. Touches of horror scores, 80s video game vibes, moody ambient, and even hard […]

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