Glass Parallels : Aisle Of Light

The name Justin Pinkerton is synonymous with California psych. He’s played in Golden Void, Roots of Orchis, and Corsic, and in 2018 Pinkerton released and album as Futuropaco, an amazing Italio/psych groovefest. That record was this time capsule to mid-to-late-60s Italy and European countrysides, slathered in masterful drums, fuzz guitars, and the feeling of losing […]

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Minos : S/T

“NARRATIVE MUSIC FOR LUNATIC PEOPLE” This is the bold-faced, all caps mission statement that hits you head on when listening to Minos’ self-titled album on their Bandcamp page. That’s not a statement to take lightly, folks. And while I wouldn’t label listeners that dig this album lunatics, I would definitely say it’s narrative music. The […]

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Electric Moon : Stardust Rituals

Occasionally a band will pop up on my radar that I missed. Sure, it happens. When there’s a whole world filled with amazing artists the odds you’re going to miss one or two first time around are pretty great. Fortunately what that means is that you’ve got plenty of opportunities to find them somewhere down […]

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HRZL : Subtopia

Electronic label Soundtracking The Void is never one to release an artist that’s less than stellar. STV gives a stage to forward-thinking artists pushing the boundaries of their music and electronic music in general. The latest in their releases is no different. Say hello to Germany’s HRZL(aka Herzel.) According the Herzel’s biography, “Born in Macedonia, […]

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Fiona Apple : Fetch The Bolt Cutters

The artistic and creative trajectory of Fiona Apple was not one you could’ve predicted back in 1996 when she released her debut LP Tidal. Apple certainly showed talent and flair, as well as a knack for writing great hooks. But once she fell into the whole Largo crowd, began her fruitful collaboration with producer/music wizard […]

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Alone 1980 : The Unknown

A new album from Sweden’s Alone 1980 is always something to look forward to. The imagined soundtrack/heavy synth one-man project digs deep into the woozy sounds and shadowy worlds of old school VHS horror. Those b-movies you’d find on the back wall of the video store in the mid-80s. The schlocky sci-fi, the blood-drenched splatter […]

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Sankofa : Weird Summer

Stephen Eric Bryden, aka Sankofa, is the premier Midwest wordsmith. A guy whose vernacular is that of an Encyclopedia Britannica, and his rhymes are always in-the-moment and of the utmost urgency. He’s a thoughtful lyricist, whether he’s rapping about our failing political system(“Joe Harvey X #doubledownondumb”), social unrest(“Killer Mike For President”), or the best damn […]

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Steve Moore : Frame Dragging

You can pretty much count on Steve Moore to release amazing music on a consistent basis; whether he’s scoring films, releasing solo work, dropping mind melters with AE Paterra in Zombi, dabbling in dance pop with Miracle, or even giving us something as out there as the groovy Lovelock. Steve Moore is always working on […]

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