Future Museums : Heavenish

Neil Lord up to this point has used the moniker Future Museums as a way to open up and get deep with the world around him. The albums he creates as Future Museums feel like hallowed halls echoing with the hum of the universe, a music born out of deep meditation and tuning to the […]

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Tamaryn : Dreaming The Dark

I have a soft spot for 80s pop radio. Sure, in 1987 I was the kid sitting on the bus heading to middle school with headphones on and a copy of Anthrax’ State Of Euphoria in my Sony Walkman. But side A would end and before I could flip to side B I could hear […]

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La Palma : La Palma

Chris Walker and Tim Gibbon make up the cut and paste psych folk duo La Palma. When you drop into their debut self-titled LP there’s a feeling as if you’re landing in some slightly animated, slightly acid-burnt world. A place where Animal Collective, The Beta Band, and early Jim Noir coalesce in a Sid and […]

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Chris Cohen : Self-Titled

Chris Cohen seems to exist in his very own musical space. It’s a space where the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society coalesces with Johnathan Richman’s I, Johnathan and some wistful memory of a summer afternoon long ago. Cohen played with Deerhoof from 2002 to 2006(some say their best years), as well as a bevy of […]

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Strand of Oaks : Eraserland

Timothy Showalter started releasing albums as Strand of Oaks back in 2009 with his debut Leave Ruin. The Indiana native(born in Goshen) put out folks-y, acoustic-heavy albums that dealt with personal issues like love, death, infidelity, and the struggle to keep it all together. His sound slowly developed into a more space-y, dreamy style that […]

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