Simon Waskow : Luz Soundtrack

Luz is one of those movies that feels like some strange fever dream. Simple enough concept begins the movie: A cab driver goes to the police station to tell them about a woman possessed by a demon that tried to attack her in her cab. They decide to put her under hypnosis in order to […]

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Cole Pulice : Gloam

Cole Pulice is a Minneapolis-based saxophonist who’s musicianship and instrumental prowess has accompanied artists as diverse as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bon Iver, and Mild High Club. Pulice also plays in the lo-fi New Age band Iceblink. He’s a solid reed player with an air of eccentricity that gives whatever song he’s on its own […]

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Meridian Arc : Timelapse

Andrew Crawshaw is the man behind Seattle’s heavy synth project Meridian Arc. Meridian Arc is the side project of Crawshaw when he’s not making music with SOMAFREE INSTITUTE. What does Meridian Arc sound like? It’s the sound of buzzing synths, heady sci-fi vibes, and total zone out electronic music. It’s not as lingering as Tangerine […]

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Alone 1980 : Humanity

Alone 1980 is the mysterious musical project from Sweden that gives us imagined soundtracks to horror and science fictions films that never existed. Well, except for in the mind of their creator. For the past two years a prolific amount of music has come from Alone 1980, and all of it engaging and hypnotic. You […]

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