Bagaski : Final

I’ve found this strange and beautiful little album called Final from the artist Bagaski. It’s out today on See Blue Audio and if you’re a fan of lo-fi electronic music I think you might just love it. The Berlin-based electronic musician seems to dabble in all kinds of circuital noise. According the See Blue Audio, […]

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Papir : Jams

The Danish power trio Papir, which consists of guitarist/keyboardist Nicklas Sorensen, bassist/keyboardist Christian Becher Clausen, and drummer Christoffer Brochmann Christensen, have built a steady discography of forward-thinking improvisational music for over a decade now. Their fusion of Krautrock, psych, post-rock, and prog tendencies has put them at the forefront of modern instrumental rock. With each […]

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Kuma : Rainbow Kaleidoscope For Constants

If Canadian producer/musician Kuma isn’t DJ’ing or using bpms to make people move on dance floors, then he’s creating ambient soundscapes to get completely lost in. Much like conjuring beats and four-on-the-floor techno bangers, his work in experimental soundscapes is equally engaging. On last year’s Time Makes Memory Of Us All(released on UK label Soundtracking […]

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Fragile X : Between Worlds

On the latest from Fragile X, the windswept and cavernous Between Worlds, musician/producer J. Gorecki goes deep into cosmic soundscapes and ambient vibes. Listening to this album is like deep-diving into the universe’s psyche. The sound of existential static at the end of some galactic phone line that seemingly reaches to and past infinity. Between […]

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Yves Malone : Immortal Death

The musical world of Yves Malone is a dark and slinky one. Heavy synth music with touches of Giallo, 80s slasher scores, and dystopian electronic that brings to mind late night viewings and 80s tube TV video game adventures. If you grew up on NES, USA Up All Night, and caffeinated Friday nights with video […]

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BurningTapes : Devil x Nine

BurningTapes, aka Darren Page, has something a little different for your brains and ears this time around with his all new long player. He’s all but shelved the Carpenter-esque horror vibes and is ready to trample our psyches with dirty bass and scuzzy beats. There’s also a peppering of keys and samples that give the […]

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