Stephen Malkmus : Groove Denied

Listen, you’re either born with the Stephen Malkmus gene or you’re not. If you are, then your musical life is that much richer for it. Deep-diving into Pavement and the post-2001 Malkmus solo world can only be just short of life-changing for that Malkmus-starved brain just discovering the lanky indie rock pied piper for the […]

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Pye Corner Audio : Hollow Earth

Man, what took me so long to find my way to Pye Corner Audio? Seriously, I’ve heard the name for years now from folks that seemingly matter, yet I never heeded their advice. Like whispers in darkened corners and strange messages left on the front stoop written on hotel stationary that simply reads “Pye Corner […]

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Automelodi Ready New Album ‘Mirages au futur verre​-​brisé ; Listen To “La Poussière”

It’s been six years since Montreal synth-pop duo Automelodi’s last record. That album, the dark and exquisite Surlendemains Acides was a beautifully put-together sonic world of synth-based early 80s electronic in the vein of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and early OMD. With the vocals of singer and songwriter Xavier Paradis, as well as his […]

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Phantoms vs Fire : WLDLFE

One of the most intriguing and beguiling releases last year was Phantoms vs Fires’s Swim(released via Burning Witches Records.) That album seemed to absorb everything it came into contact with and reflected it back to the listener in some beautifully alien way. It was an electronic album that sounded to be built out of individual […]

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Nika Moroz : Come To Your Senses

The latest release from forward-thinking electronic music label Soundtracking The Void comes from Nika Moroz. Who is Nika Moroz? I honestly have no idea. There’s hints that she comes from Belarus and originally started out playing guitar and flute(check out the source here, courtesy of The Waveform Transmitter.) Despite knowing little to nothing about this […]

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