Belial Pelegrim : Imitation Of Faith

As Imitation Of Faith, the new album by producer Belial Pelegrim opens, you’re treated to a bevy of sonic delights. The track “Scorpia” seems to have it all; from the click-clack rhythm to video game noises, liquid-y synths, and a microcosm of electronic buzzes and blips, it feels like you’ve stepped into some other realm. […]

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Default Mode Network : A Talk With Circadian Rhythm Section’s Derek Jones; “Imposter Syndrome” Video Premiere

It’s been an amazing year for music. If you don’t think so, you’re ears aren’t open. In-particular, the year in electronic/heavy synth has been incredible. From artists like Hunter Complex, Skragn, Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sorensen; to Galactic Protector, Skeleton Beach, Mr. Eff, and Cory Kilduff, the year has been an overwhelming wave of forward-thinking […]

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Phantoms vs Fire : Modern Monsters

Thiago Desant, known musically as Phantoms vs Fire, is not afraid to push boundaries artistically. He follows the muse wherever she may lead, regardless of how light or dark the road gets along the way. His work is both orchestral and electronic, taking us on both symphonic and glitchy electronic trips.  Since early 2018 Phantoms […]

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Lightning Dust : Spectre

Lightning Dust began as a side project for Amber Webber and Joshua Wells where they could explore folksier sounds mixed with minimalist electronics, away from their main gigs in Black Mountain. 2009s Infinite Light was their second record and a stunning display of their studio prowess, showing Wells as a powerful presence behind the board. […]

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VVV : Spreading Primrose

Shawhin Izaddoost, aka VVV makes music that while hypnotic feels deeper than just the typical dance track. He works in dense soundscapes while locking into tight grooves and connective rhythms which allow the listener to fall into a sonic world deeper than just a club beat. His music mixes elements of 2-step, ambient, techno, and […]

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