Steve Moore : Gone World

Steve Moore has kept pretty busy despite a slow time for working musicians. Starting last year with a killer track on the Portals comp via Behind The Sky, Zombi’s excellent 2020, a series of covers this year under the ‘Zombi and Friends’ moniker, the collab album Liminial Migration with Bluetech, a new Zombi ep earlier […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Green Timbers

The first time I heard David Salisbury’s musical project Camp Of Wolves was the album Granite Creek(out in January on Soundtracking The Void.)The music on that album entrances; baroque electronic that whispers melodies through circuits and sound manipulation. Salisbury makes music that sounds of his surroundings, which is the dense forests and intimidating countryside of […]

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Long Story Short : Video Age, Sermons By The Devil, Andy Fosberry, and Pharagonesia

Here’s another ‘Long Story Short’ post. This is where I compress a handful of reviews into one post. Why? Well because there’s too much good music and not enough clones of myself to write expansive reviews for each release. So I’m dropping a paragraph each about some albums I think you should put in your […]

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Shortwave Broadcaster : In Flow

Keith Canisius’ musical word as Shortwave Broadcaster is an all-encompassing one. With a guitar and a Eurorack he builds these towering sonic landscapes that paint monolithic sounds, both tempered in darkness and light. He captures the vibe of classic Komische artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and also early Windham Hill albums. New age, ambient, […]

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Lisa Bella Donna : Mourning Light

On the latest release from electronic wizard Lisa Bella Donna, titled Mourning Light, the forward-thinking musician is captured live at The Vanderelli Room / Art Gallery. This performance was a special one as Lisa Bella Donna improvised on a Mellotron & Moog as artist AJ Vanderelli painted inside a 20ft clear plastic room, painting from the […]

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Repeated Viewing : The Family

Leave it to the maestro Alan Sinclair to elevate us all with a sickly sinister slab of synth. As Repeated Viewing, Sinclair has created a vast library of imagined scores to films that seem to have been torn from my own twisted imagination. As far as dark, heavy synth music goes Repeated Viewing raises the […]

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Burial Grid Returns With New Album ‘Shores of Quiddity’; Listen To “Biphasic”

East coast musician Adam Michael Kozak, aka Burial Grid, is returning to fill our ears and minds with new electronic music in the form of Shores of Quiddity. The album is a departure from Burial Grid’s previous LP, the dark, vocoder-heavy We’ve Come For Your Flesh which came out at the beginning of 2021. While […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : Tre Sfere

Before the ink could dry on his last release, New York-based musician and composer Salvatore Mercatante has released a new album. Right off the heels of his Soundtracking The Void album Presents Pistacchio Sessions, Mercatante now presents us with Tre Sfere which is being released by Woodford Halse. Where PPS concentrated on more dance floor […]

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