worriedaboutsatan : Providence

On the latest from worriedaboutsatan, Gavin Miller continues to hone the sound of this now one-man project. With Providence there’s a sense of reflection, even contentment, as Miller navigates ambient textures, airy drones, and vast post-rock spaces as a sort of sonic tome on time. This is the kind of album that reveals more with […]

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Ffion : Radials

The latest from Ffion(Thomas and Ashleigh Ragsdale) has the ARP-loving electronic duo taking their already vast and dense sound into more long-form territory. Since their debut on label Soundtracking The Void back in 2018, Ffion has continuously evolved the sound into something deeper and cinematic while still enveloping melodies in rhythmic intent. With Radials Ffion […]

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Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk : Eight Framents Of An Illusion

It’s been four years since the last collaborative LP between Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk, the exquisite and ethereal Passage. After nearly three years of working in-between other musical projects(Schnauss working in Tangerine Dream and Munk recording with Causa Sui, Billow Observatory, Nicklas Sorensen, and solo work) the two studio wizards have released their follow-up, […]

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Bagaski : Final

I’ve found this strange and beautiful little album called Final from the artist Bagaski. It’s out today on See Blue Audio and if you’re a fan of lo-fi electronic music I think you might just love it. The Berlin-based electronic musician seems to dabble in all kinds of circuital noise. According the See Blue Audio, […]

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Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk Are In “Perpetual Motion”; ‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion’ Out 4/23

The music of Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk is both reminiscent of their individual works and completely it’s own intimate beast. Both musicians are adept, prodigious even, in the studio. The studio is an extension of themselves; an instrument to be used much like a synthesizer, guitar, or sequencer. They not only build music, but […]

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Fragile X : Between Worlds

On the latest from Fragile X, the windswept and cavernous Between Worlds, musician/producer J. Gorecki goes deep into cosmic soundscapes and ambient vibes. Listening to this album is like deep-diving into the universe’s psyche. The sound of existential static at the end of some galactic phone line that seemingly reaches to and past infinity. Between […]

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