Rival Consoles : Articulation

Ryan Lee West makes the kind of electronic dance music that doesn’t really feel like dance music. There’s movement, rhythm, and grooves easily fallen into, but the sonic landscape feels more contemplative. West builds worlds on his albums as Rival Consoles, and starting back on 2015s Sonne EP, West began a new way to create […]

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VVV Returns With “How Many Times”

Austin-based producer and electronic composer VVV has returned with the urgent and striking “How Many Times”. His single, part of Holodeck Records single series, is a precise electro heartbeat attempting to lead us from the darkness to the light. Combining ambient 2-step rhythms with haunting melodies and cinematic sound design, VVV works up a kinetic […]

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Song Premiere : Listen To Ogre’s “Winding Stairways”; ‘Gates of Nessus’ Out 9/4

On the heels of Dream Division’s The Devil Rides Out, Tom McDowell’s new record label Library of the Occult returns with its second album release. This time it’s Gates of Nessus, the new long player from UK producer/composer/sound designer and electronic music legend Robin Ogden, aka Ogre. As per typical Ogre fashion, it’s top shelf […]

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Johnny Woods : Pavilions

Johnny Woods’ brilliant Pavilions is a magical sort of record. It encapsulates all the things we love about minimalist electronic music. This Buchla-driven electronic album pulsates with a synthetic heartbeat that captures a sort of otherworldly optimism within its compositions. Woods is a visual artist by trade, working in film and video. He has created […]

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Grapefruit : Light Fronds

The feeling you get listening to Light Fronds, Grapefruit’s ninth LP(and first with Moon Glyph Records), is that of quiet euphoria. Trippy loops, shimmering drones, and hazy electronics come together in a sea of sonic beauty to put your mind in a far peaceful headspace. Light Fronds was written and created by Portland musician and painter […]

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Jump Off Into Infinity With Numün’s “First Steps”; Album Drops September 4th

There’s an organic quality to the deep space vibes of band Numün. Numün is a New York City-based band which consists of “ambient country” pioneer Bob Holmes (from SUSS) as well as new music composer and artist, Joel Mellin, and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Romero (both from Gamelan Dharma Swara). I’m completely new to the […]

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Gyan Rosling : Embrace

There’s something ethereal and free-spirited about Gyan Rosling’s Burning Witches Records debut Embrace. The neon-eighties tilt, the airy synths, and the ‘Dance Party USA’-like percussive hits all come together like a swath of nostalgia that hit you direct in the face. Embrace is a time machine of an album that drops us right into 1986, […]

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