Rupert Lally : Forgotten Futures

On the latest album from musician/author Rupert Lally, we deep dive into dystopian sounds and science fiction narratives that feel part Kraftwerk/part Philip K Dick. Retro-futuristic visions and late 70s/early 80s sound worlds come together to pull the listener into a warm and inviting listening experience, that also feels worrisome and paranoid at the same […]

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Vangelis : 1943-2022

I’m sure most people my age had their first experience with Greek musician/composer Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, aka Vangelis, when they watched Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. I didn’t see the unedited version of the film till I was 18 when I rented it from Video World. Before that I’d only seen the edited version that played […]

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Videodrones : After The Fall

There’s something quite special about hearing a new Videodrones album. Since the 2016 debut album Mondo Ferox, the duo of Jakob Skott and Kristoffer Ovesen has created an aura of mystery with their heavy synth Dystopia put to record. Using queasy VHS horror rentals of the 80s as a their starting point, these two Danish […]

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Paul Riedl : Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4

Analog sound wizard Paul Riedl returns once again with another volume of his heavy synth/cosmos head trips with Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4. He continues the heady sonic journey with SFI Recordings, blasting our psyches with 9 musical excursions into what sound like deep space drifts. Late in 2021 Paul dropped Ambient Mixtape Vol. 3, which […]

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Videodrones Return With New Single “Scorpio”; New Album Out In Late April

The Danish heady synth duo Videodrones, which consists of Jakob Skott(Causa Sui, Syntaks, Rude Skott Osborn Trio) and modular synth wizard Kristoffer Ovesen(owner/operator of Interzone Tapes), have been making dark, experimental synth records since 2016. Mondo Ferox(2016) and Nattens Hævn(2017) locked into seedy VHS vibes, capturing the world of Fabio Frizzi, Walter Rizzati and Popol […]

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Alone 1980 : Alone… Forever

Mikael Skoog, aka Alone 1980, has been quiety filling the void with sonic dread for a few years now. His imagined soundtrack world is all encompassing and locks into classic synth scores to early 80s VHS nightmares. He’s also paved his own circuital music path that began with artists like Slasher Film Festival Strategy, Ogre, […]

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Majeure : Union Of Worlds

On Majeure’s 2015 release Union Of Worlds, AE Paterra made a synth-heavy masterpiece with six tracks that spanned sonic territory from hazy synth drifts to woozy long form electronics to moments of dreamy soundscapes.Heavy on synths and light on Paterra’s usual masterful drums, Union Of Worlds was a much more intimate and contemplative album. Originally […]

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