Paul Riedl : Ambient Mixtape Vol. 3

Musician Paul Riedl has made a name for himself in the death metal scene with his bands Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice. Riding a wave of sonic doom and cosmic psychededlia, Riedl has put his stamp on extreme metal. But when he’s not writing pummeling riffs Riedl is making a different kind of cosmic psychedelia. […]

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Proto Droids : Sequential Dreams

Just in time for the October season, Proto Droids(aka Correlations’ Neil Hale) has dropped the 10-track wobbly synth album Sequential Dreams. An album of dreamy, glitchy electronic music to score some late night walkabouts or to just lose yourself for a bit. If you’re familiar with Hale’s Proto Droids project, then you know he’s no […]

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Wolfmen Of Mars : Might Be Evil

Wolfmen Of Mars fill a very specific musical void in my life; the vibes of my favorite childhood late night creature feature show called Nightmare Theater, which aired every Friday night on Channel 55, early White Zombie, a haunted western, and heavy metal electronic music. All of those elements intertwine and feed off one another […]

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Ty Segall : Harmonizer

Ty Segall is a hard artist to keep up with. Just as you’re memorizing track orders on the newest album he’s already released a new one, either under his own name or with any one of his many side projects/collaborations. I’m not complaining(okay, maybe I am), but it’s as if he can’t stop and soak […]

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Lisa Bella Donna : Moogmentum

The newest release from synth pioneer Lisa Bella Donna sees her paying tribute to another pioneer, Bob Moog. Lisa Bella Donna pays tribute by making an album of exquisite sonic tastes; a record created with the Moog at the heart of it. Moogmentum is a sonic journey that only requires an open mind and open […]

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Repeated Viewing : The Family

Leave it to the maestro Alan Sinclair to elevate us all with a sickly sinister slab of synth. As Repeated Viewing, Sinclair has created a vast library of imagined scores to films that seem to have been torn from my own twisted imagination. As far as dark, heavy synth music goes Repeated Viewing raises the […]

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Burial Grid Returns With New Album ‘Shores of Quiddity’; Listen To “Biphasic”

East coast musician Adam Michael Kozak, aka Burial Grid, is returning to fill our ears and minds with new electronic music in the form of Shores of Quiddity. The album is a departure from Burial Grid’s previous LP, the dark, vocoder-heavy We’ve Come For Your Flesh which came out at the beginning of 2021. While […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : Tre Sfere

Before the ink could dry on his last release, New York-based musician and composer Salvatore Mercatante has released a new album. Right off the heels of his Soundtracking The Void album Presents Pistacchio Sessions, Mercatante now presents us with Tre Sfere which is being released by Woodford Halse. Where PPS concentrated on more dance floor […]

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