Sufjan Stevens : The Ascension

On Sufjan Stevens follow-up to 2015s ornate and personal Carrie & Lowell, the singer-songwriter returns to his extended electronic compositions. At one hour and twenty minutes The Ascension can feel dense and at times hard to get all the way thru in one sitting, but with patience comes the rewards. Much like Stevens 2010 opus […]

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Justin Pinkerton : Aak’ab

There’s a warm, comforting world that lives in Justin Pinkerton’s newest release Aak’ab. The modular sound here feels like a circuital blanket to warm us in these troubling times. When things seem so hopeless and we in turn feel helpless, the synth-based tracks that make up this record are a temporary reprieve from the madness […]

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Timothy Fife Talks ‘Transcommunication’ Out October 2nd; Listen To “Spellwork”

Record label Library of the Occult, though still fairly new, has had an amazing run this summer regarding album releases. First was Dream Division’s excellent The Devil Rides Out, followed by the Ogre’s inspired Gates of Nessus. Keeping the heavy synth dread going into the month of October, Library of the Occult will be dropping […]

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Ogre : Gates of Nessus

Ogre’s brand new long player Gates of Nessus, which is the second release from Tom McDowell’s Library of the Occult record label, is described as “ambiences and mood music for deep dungeon crawling, pen and paper RPGs, and cult paperback fantasies of yester-decades.” I’ve never dungeon crawled and was never much of a fantasy dice […]

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