“Looking At The Present Moment” : Andrew Crawshaw Talks SFI Recordings

In Seattle, Washington sits a small, boutique electronic music label called SFI Recordings. In its relatively short existence as a label there has been an extensive and prolific catalog of music released. Steve Moore, Majeure, New Frontiers, Paul Riedl, Mnemonic Pulse, and Deathcount In Silicon Valley to name a few. What all these artists have […]

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Mnemonic Pulse : Warning Sense

The latest to drop from SFI Recordings is the cosmic and expansive Warning Sense by Mnemonic Pulse. Over the course of four slow-building heavy synth tracks you get tension and release; early 80s Tangerine Dream(think Exit) combines with ambient-heavy early 80s synth scores. Portland, Oregon’s Caitlin Love, aka Mnemonic Pulse, has been releasing heady and […]

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Paul Riedl : Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4

Analog sound wizard Paul Riedl returns once again with another volume of his heavy synth/cosmos head trips with Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4. He continues the heady sonic journey with SFI Recordings, blasting our psyches with 9 musical excursions into what sound like deep space drifts. Late in 2021 Paul dropped Ambient Mixtape Vol. 3, which […]

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Majeure : Union Of Worlds

On Majeure’s 2015 release Union Of Worlds, AE Paterra made a synth-heavy masterpiece with six tracks that spanned sonic territory from hazy synth drifts to woozy long form electronics to moments of dreamy soundscapes.Heavy on synths and light on Paterra’s usual masterful drums, Union Of Worlds was a much more intimate and contemplative album. Originally […]

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