Harglow : RE(Hexed + Dacted)

“The recordings you are about to experience have no known origin.”-Outpost 31 Studios One of the most interesting albums I heard in 2018 was Harglow’s debut album. An album of electronic music that was equal parts dark industrial and Satanic incantations. It was an album I deep dived into heavily, until my wife found me […]

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The War On Drugs Return With ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’, Out 10/29; Listen To “Living Proof”

The War On Drugs are a band that have always sounded big. Even when it was just frontman/songwriter Adam Granduciel alone in a dilapidated Philly house writing anthemic rock and roll and experimental sound collages, albums like Slave Ambient and Lost in the Dream felt and sounded like products of big studios and veteran musicians. […]

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The Unseen : The Goatman

The latest release from Tom McDowell’s Library Of The Occult label is a “lost soundtrack” of sorts, this time from the band The Unseen(Klaus Morlock). Locking into a mixture of late 60s psychedelia, Gothic ambient, and just enough of those things that go bump in the night, The Goatman sounds otherworldly and aged like a […]

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Justin Sweatt : When The Light Goes

Justin Sweatt is a weary traveler in this world. He looks around with an artist’s heart and a writer’s mind, capturing what he sees and interprets it through electronic music. Sweatt might consider himself a cynic, but I’d say he’s more of a stoic. The bitter of life doesn’t escape him, but he doesn’t let […]

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Hawksmoor : On Prescription

Hawksmoor, aka musical marvel James McKeown, has had one hell of a year, folks. Last year he dropped one of the best electronic albums of 2020 in Methods of Dreaming, a coming together of classic 70s Komische vibes and prog rock tendencies that seemed to show us what a collaboration between Tangerine Dream and Genesis […]

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Cleveland Rock City

My grandpa Hubner died in November of 1986, just a month before my 13th birthday. He was 75. E.A. Hubner was a pretty great grandpa, despite not really seeing him a whole lot. Elwood and Dorothy Jean(grandma Hubner) would come over occasionally on sunny Sundays to visit and drop off dime store fireworks or those […]

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Polypores : Gargantuan

Stephen J Buckley rides on modular waves. His modular synth improvisations as Polypores start out chaotic but find a center; a kinetic heart that beats messages from beyond. Just dive into albums like Chaos Blooms or Shpongos for proof of the circuital wizardry he’s capable of. The chaos reveals something far deeper than just random […]

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Rupert Lally : Timelapses

Composer Rupert Lally is no stranger to musical exploration. His work emanates depth and light, towing the line between film score meticulousness and deep dives into electronic bliss. The Swiss by way of UK composer and musician makes musical works that ask for your attention, but can still be a gorgeous soundtrack to reading in […]

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