worriedaboutsatan : Providence

On the latest from worriedaboutsatan, Gavin Miller continues to hone the sound of this now one-man project. With Providence there’s a sense of reflection, even contentment, as Miller navigates ambient textures, airy drones, and vast post-rock spaces as a sort of sonic tome on time. This is the kind of album that reveals more with each listen, allowing the listener to discover new spaces and pockets of contemplation as the tracks settle in your mind.

A lot has changed in two years for the Yorkshire band. worriedaboutsatan, up until two years ago, was a duo that consisted of Miller and Thomas Ragsdale. Ragsdale left to start his own record label and produce solo albums of his own, which left Gavin Miller as the sole member of worriedaboutsatan. He’s kept the machine running, and quite efficiently. Providence feels like a major foot forward into a new phase for the band and for Miller.

Listening to Providence I’m struck by a kind of calm that emanates from the album. “John McGinn Versus Norwich” is a cascade of crystalline sound. worriedaboutsatan was always about mood and setting a tone with a track, and Miller continues that here. I hear this and I imagine that scene in Blade Runner where they show The Tyrell Corporation’s monolithic building. A fortress of black marble and hazy sunlight; a bit awe-inspiring and a bit overwhelming. “On Your Own” opens in a bit of darkness but lightens up as the track unfolds. Subtle percussion gives it a sneaky dance floor vibe.

An absolute highlight here is the radiant “Für Immer”. Its touches of post-rock and new age psychedelia give off such an optimistic vibe. It works on so many levels, opening the listener’s head and letting some sunshine in. “Stop Calling My Phone” moves along with a chunky synth and glitch-y sonics that benefits from repetition and the rich tapestry of electronics in the background. “Just To Feel Something” builds momentum, swirling synths and electronic textures into euphoric closure.

Gavin Miller continues to push worriedaboutsatan into new territory, while never abandoning where the band started from. Providence feels like a new beginning. A door opened, leading to so many possibilities.

7.9 out of 10

‘Providence’ is available now via Box Records. Buy it here.

3 thoughts on “worriedaboutsatan : Providence

  1. Another visualization: an art gallery, a dimly lit room where only each piece is lit and you must round corners to see them, that feel of being underwater or in the dark so the art can be the only focus as this music draws you in and through.

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