worriedaboutsatan : revenant

worriedaboutsatan work between the lines. They build quietly, methodically, and with great intention. The musical world of Thomas Ragsdale and Gavin Miller is all about subtlety and nuance, with a quiet dread just under the surface that’s never explained, just understood. Dense electronic music with hints of techno, post-rock, ambient, and downtempo, worriedaboutsatan set a […]

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worriedaboutsatan : Shift EP

U.K.-based worriedaboutsatan are all about digging into the unknown and making something out of that darkness. There are elements of techno, dance, ambient, and heavy atmosphere in their work, with all of their musical voodoo coming to ahead on 2016s Blank Tape, their 3rd full-length. From that breakthrough record, the Yorkshire duo headed into the studio […]

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