worriedaboutsatan : Providence

On the latest from worriedaboutsatan, Gavin Miller continues to hone the sound of this now one-man project. With Providence there’s a sense of reflection, even contentment, as Miller navigates ambient textures, airy drones, and vast post-rock spaces as a sort of sonic tome on time. This is the kind of album that reveals more with […]

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Papir : Jams

The Danish power trio Papir, which consists of guitarist/keyboardist Nicklas Sorensen, bassist/keyboardist Christian Becher Clausen, and drummer Christoffer Brochmann Christensen, have built a steady discography of forward-thinking improvisational music for over a decade now. Their fusion of Krautrock, psych, post-rock, and prog tendencies has put them at the forefront of modern instrumental rock. With each […]

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Mogwai : As The Love Continues

Mogwai are one of the OG bands when it comes to post-rock. Their blend of quiet interludes swelling into cascades of momentous noise are the hallmarks of post-rock. But they are far more than just a genre creator. They bounce around in noise rock, art rock, film scores, and post-punk as well. But what this […]

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