Sparkle Teeth Drops Debut EP June 4th; Listen To “Technicolor”

Dan Kinnaley is a musician’s musician. He’s a Fort Wayne artist that has always gotten out into the thick of the Midwest music scene, playing in bands like The Snarks, Burial Party, and more recently Truck Flag. But his most personal project has been Sparkle Teeth. Sparkle Teeth is Kinnaley’s one-man project of guitar-heavy fuzz pop that lands somewhere between Sebadoh, Sugar, and Protomartyr. This is Kinnaley’s first project where he plays everything, while his partner Kristen Watrous creates the artwork. It’s a partnership of sound and visuals, and since the pandemic hit it’s become Dan’s main focus(mostly.)

Over the last year being at home Kinnaley has been able to spend ample time honing what will be Sparkle Teeth’s debut self-titled EP, which comes out June 4th. Besides that, Dan has been working on putting together his own recording studio. Sharpening his skills in front of the mic and behind the board has been Dan’s focus for the last year, and from the sound of Sparkle Teeth’s first single “Technicolor” I’d say it’s paying off monumentally.

“Technicolor” is the most shoegaze-y of all the Sparkle Teeth tracks. It’s the song you put on the end of that mixtape you make for the person you really want to impress. Kinnaley’s baritone vocals are reminiscent of Ian Curtis and Protomartyr’s Pete Casey, but imagine those vocals fronting Polvo on a dream pop kick. Its swaying, dream-like sonics blend well with Dan’s delivery, and it’s a nice juxtaposition to the rest of the EPs early 90s Dino Jr guitar crunch. Dan gets some help in the drums department courtesy of Streetlamps For Spotlight’s Jason Davis(Davis mixed the EP as well at Off The Cuff Sound.)

Hop on down below and give “Technicolor” a listen, then make sure to snag Sparkle Teeth’s self-titled EP on June 4th over at the band’s Bandcamp page and via GrindEthos Records. You can also find Dan and Sparkle Teeth on Facebook and Instagram.

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