A Gift To You

In times of worry I’ve always been the one to want to make things better. As a little kid if my mom was upset about something I was in my room making her a picture or offering to do the dishes so she didn’t have to. If the mood was tense I was the clown, […]

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Jonas Munk : Minimum Resistance

Jonas Munk likes working in subtle sonic textures. When not in Causa Sui as guitarist extraordinaire, Munk works more like a painter than musician in the studio. His solo work, along with his records with Billow Observatory, Ulrich Schnauss, and Nicklas Sorensen, are marked by a decidedly more nuanced approach. Going with the painter scenario, […]

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Fragile X : Late 03 : Hylozoic

The Glasgow electronic wizard J Gorecki, musically known as Fragile X, is all about moving us. Taking us on a journey thru his music. Many of us walk the path of mundanity in our daily lives; clocking in and clocking out, paying bills, cleaning up, and even talking about the same things and never deviating […]

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Joel Grind : Echoes in a Crystal Tomb

When Joel Grind isn’t making speed metal in Toxic Holocaust or producing and mastering other artists in his Pacific Northwest studio, he can sometimes be found behind synthesizers. His work under his own name is a mix of darkly lit electronic music that tows the line between deep space Komische, horror/sci-fi scores, and pure atmospheric […]

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Danny Scott Lane : Memory Record

LA-based producer Danny Scott Lane created his latest album Memory Record out of a thoughtful moment with his grandfather. After his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he gifted Lane and his brother microcassette recorders and told them to record and document their memories in physical form. Moments big and small locked onto tape to […]

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Phantoms vs Fire : Modern Monsters

Thiago Desant, known musically as Phantoms vs Fire, is not afraid to push boundaries artistically. He follows the muse wherever she may lead, regardless of how light or dark the road gets along the way. His work is both orchestral and electronic, taking us on both symphonic and glitchy electronic trips.  Since early 2018 Phantoms […]

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