Craig Aalders : Oceanography

Typically I think of the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and I start to feel a little insignificant. Don’t get me wrong, there is an absolute and awe-inspiring beauty in a large body of water like the Pacific, or for even my neck of the woods Lake Michigan. Standing on the shore line at the […]

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Timothy Fife : Hoichi The Earless

There are few musicians working today that are as consistently great as east coast musician/composer Timothy Fife. I discovered him thru his synth duo Victims, and their wonderful Form Hell 10 inch release from 2016. Fife followed that up in 2017 with his Death Waltz/Mondo solo debut Black Carbon(Form Hell was also a Death Waltz release.) […]

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Omni Gardens : West Coast Escapism

Steve Rosborough works out the psychic kinks through music. Whether he’s running his label Moon Glyph Records and releasing albums of forward-thinking psych by other like-minded artists, or laying down the cosmic Tangerine Dream vibes himself under the name Soothsayer, Rosborough is very much interested in healing thru the power of music. Though his label […]

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