Paul Riedl : Ocean of Peace

Paul Riedl has proven to be one of the preeminent sonic purveyors of New Age bliss and cosmic ambient vibes. His late night zone out recordings are in stark contrast to his work as frontman for the cosmic death metal band Blood Incantation. Though the band’s last release, 2022s Timewave Zero, was all brooding analog […]

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Hunter Complex : Airports and Ports

For my money Lars Meijer, aka Hunter Complex, is making some of the most exciting and innovative electronic music currently. As a composer he approaches his work not only a student of the electronic music world, but from the world of jazz, modern classical, pop music, and from a cinematic approach. His releases over the […]

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zake and Ossa : Syntheticopia

Maybe it’s just me and my own overactive imagination, but when I’m deep in it with some heady ambient and new age music I often imagine floating in space. The deep and healing tones of heavily-effected guitar, the warm buzz of analog synths, the wash of digital pads like static rain, and just the overwhelming […]

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