Kuma : Time Makes Memory Of Us All

Kuma’s musical world on Time Makes Memory Of Us All is a curious one indeed. It feels as if Kuma, a Canadian producer/DJ, is opening a portal to some strange world that’s grappling with a fight between the organic and the synthetic. Moving away from his dubstep roots, Kuma dabbles in the world of ambient and drones, creating a record bristling in experimentation and celestial glow.

“A Soul Grown 12 Sizes” sounds like being stuck in some existential loop, working your way back from beginning to end in some kind of psychedelic infinity. There’s this ascending note that keeps repeating and it reminds me of Miles’ trumpet, as if I was listening to Bitches Brew and the needle got stuck in a groove. Pretty soon it sounds as if some kind of sonic firestorm is rising to the top of the mix. A dizzying race to annihilation. “Anticipated Revelry” is based on a haunting vocal loop which builds on noise from beyond the pale. It’s gorgeous disintegration. “Tension At It’s Heart” floats above the grey with bright strings that seem to emanate from some humid space of the unknown.

Kuma’s work puts me in mind of the work of Huerco S, in-particular the excellent Colonial Patterns. There’s a similar love for gauzy white noise; a hazy space between consciousness and unconsciousness. It seems to be this smear of noise that hides melodic intent for more visceral feelings.

“Finsbury Park Circus” and album closer “The Sound of Breathing Is The Sound Of The Tide” find solace and meaning in the dissonance of found noise. The industrial hum of cylinders and steam that create a sort of chaotic symphony when listened to long enough. Kuma builds these moments of chaotic bliss here.

Time Makes Memory of Us All works on many levels. It’s an experimental drone album, as well as outsider musical art for the beautifully wired brain. It’s an album with five doors leading to five different, hazy worlds. All worth visiting and exploring.

7.8 out of 10

Kuma’s ‘Time Makes Memory Of Us All’ is available now via Soundtracking The Void. Buy it here

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