Ivan The Tolerable Quartet’s ‘Toft House Session’ Out 3/31; Zone Out To “Mothra II”

Oli Heffernan, aka Ivan The Tolerable, makes the kind of drone-heavy psychedelic jams that would be just at home playing in your ears on one hell of an acid trip as they would soundtracking a post-apocalyptic road trip. The songs hang in the air like fog over daybreak waters, or wavering smoke rising off burning […]

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Marine Eyes : Chamomile

Every once in a while an album works its way into your brain that truly soothes the soul and calms the buzzing mind. 2020 was a year that I subsisted on ambient and drone music. It was the kind of music that offered what my weary head and heart needed so badly, a reprieve from […]

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Drew Mulholland : Messer’s Circulating Library

Drew Mulholland’s Messer’s Circulating Library, the latest release from Tom McDowell’s Library of the Occult record label, is quite unlike anything that’s come from the label. Melodic-driven songs are replaced by winding, drone-driven long form works that sound and feel more like traveling through dimensions and realities. Industrial swirls and resonating machinations give the impression […]

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Carlton Melton : Where This Leads

California psych rock purveyors Carlton Melton have been putting out wobbly, gauzy, far out rock and roll for well over a decade now. Recording in a geodesic dome in northern California amidst redwoods and the faint crashing of waves on a Pacific Ocean coastline, Andy Duvall, Clint Golden, and Rich Millman make music as more […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Granite Creek

The new album from David Salisbury’s electronic project Camp Of Wolves is heavy, man. Not in a d-tuned guitar and screamo vocals heavy, but the kind of heavy that hits you when you least expect it driving to work, or staring out at the sea. A monolithic melancholy that touches your cheek when some great […]

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