Step Out Of Reality With The Psychic Circle; Listen To “View From The Magicians Window Part 1”

UK-based record label Library Of The Occult has been offering up dark, synth-driven music since its introduction this past summer. New music from Dream Division, Ogre, and Timothy Fife has delved into classic Gothic literature, occult themes, D&D, and contact with worlds beyond our own. LOTO has made it its mission to keep the spirit of shadows and darker realms just at the edge of our subconscious.

Label runner Tom McDowell has been pushing the limits of dark synth and imagined soundtracks since he first began making music as Dream Division. He expects nothing less from his own record label, that is why LOTO’s next release is no surprise. With the Krautrock tendencies of The Psychic Circle’s View From The Magicians Window, Library Of The Occult expands its musical palate even further into motorik beats, psych, and even touches of Giallo.

I have no information going in to The Psychic Circle, which adds more of an ethereal heft to the band. Listening to their debut View From The Magicians Window I imagine Argento’s use of blues, reds, and greens in Suspiria. Saturated tones, fuzzy guitars, baroque keys, and a real drum and bass foundation. There’s a truly Gothic vibe, and lots of Moog to give the proceedings a space-y feel. But unlike what’s come before with Library Of The Occult, this record has a real “band” vibe. Big Goblin moods here, as well as early King Crimson and Krautrock grooves. There are also moments of pastoral beauty, as if Ray Davies’ storied Village Green had been invaded by psychic spirits from another dimension.

First single “View From The Magicians Window Part 1” is a perfect way to dip your toes into The Psychic Circle’s world. It’s a coming together of all the sonic magic the band has to offer: 60s psych, motorik beats, Krautrock headiness, baroque pop, and Giallo vibes all rolled into this amazing song. And since it’s part 1, there’s two more parts to this suite to look forward to.

This is a record to get excited about. It’s one hell of a sonic delight, and a true surprise for you Library Of The Occult fans.

Listen to “View From The Magicians Window Part 1” below. The Psychic Circle’s View From The Magicians Window will be released on November 6th via Library Of The Occult. Keep up with  Library Of The Occult on Instagram and Twitter for more info. The album will be for sale on November 6th at LOTO’s Bandcamp page. 


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