Mandy, Indiana : I’ve Seen A Way

The UK experimental post-punk/dance/noise band Mandy, Indiana is the sound of sexy androids building more sexy androids in a cave that doubles as a rave. Robotic rhythms seem to emerge from grinding machines and screeching gears, while the vocals are less a voice singing than another rhythm instrument. It’s grinding, industrial noise for the dance […]

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Makaya McCraven : In These Times

Makaya McCraven is one of the most important musicians/composers working today. For sure in the world of modern jazz, but for modern music itself. The Chicago-based drummer/studio wizard has blended the worlds of jazz, soul, and hip hop and on his records makes music that feels very much grounded in the classic 60s/70s world of […]

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Arthur King : Mina Las Pintadas

Arthur King is an art collective led by multimedia artist Peter Walker. He runs AK Studio and assembles musicians, sculptors, designers, and filmmakers to collaborate on various projects. It’s the kind of collective any artist dreams to be able to work within; sharing their skills, knowledge, and imagination with other like-minded creative types. One of […]

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Black Midi : Hellfire

Over the course of three albums in as many years the prog/math/avante rock band Black Midi have gone to great measures to make densely-layered and technically jaw-dropping albums that the simple passerby’s frontal lobe would melt from after listening. This isn’t the kind of rock music you put on for a chill session. The UK […]

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Adrian Belew : Elevator

Unless you’re in deep the music way, the name Adrian Belew might not ring a bell. Truth of the matter is that Adrian Belew was the secret weapon to the biggest names in music for the better part of nearly 5 decades; Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, and Trent Reznor are […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : SM Synthesis

New York-based electronic musician Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t stick to just one vibe. He’s worked in the world of Giallo, experimental, minimalist, house, and heavy synth over the course of his musical endeavors. Regardless of what world he’s creating in, it’s always striking and engaging. I’m still unpacking albums like Tre Sfere, Presents Pistacchio Sessions, and […]

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