SM : Presents Pistacchio Sessions

The latest release to drop from UK electronic label Soundtracking The Void is NYC’s Salvatore Mercatante’s Presents Pistacchio Sessions. On Presents Pistacchio Sessions Mercatante trades his swaths of heavy synth for a more techno-heavy sound. He mixes the existential space drifts of last year’s The Foundations Of Eternal Sin with more dance floor-ready explorations. Though […]

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POLA : Opaque

How to describe the new album Opaque by POLA? Well imagine in some alternate timeline or reality where Ennio Morricone, Ry Cooder, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor were hired to write a score for a dystopian noir film that takes place in outer space. It’s a mysterious group of songs, filled with longing, melancholy, and […]

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Fragile X : Between Worlds

On the latest from Fragile X, the windswept and cavernous Between Worlds, musician/producer J. Gorecki goes deep into cosmic soundscapes and ambient vibes. Listening to this album is like deep-diving into the universe’s psyche. The sound of existential static at the end of some galactic phone line that seemingly reaches to and past infinity. Between […]

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Darse & My Flower : Adore

I won’t pretend to know much about dance music. Techno, acid, house EDM, IDM, there’s just too much information to cram in my late 90s 256GB brain. But following record label Soundtracking The Void I’ve expanded my electronic musical palate quite significantly. For example, their newest release is Darse & My Flower’s Adore. This is […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Granite Creek

The new album from David Salisbury’s electronic project Camp Of Wolves is heavy, man. Not in a d-tuned guitar and screamo vocals heavy, but the kind of heavy that hits you when you least expect it driving to work, or staring out at the sea. A monolithic melancholy that touches your cheek when some great […]

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Enter The Void : Soundtracking The Void and Music For The End Of The World

Thomas and Ashleigh Ragsdale began their journey as music label owners at the end of 2018. Soundtracking The Void’s first release was Thomas Ragsdale’s Honley Civic Archives Volume 1. From there the two released music together as Ffion, Thomas released a series of solo LPs and then the label branched out to artists as diverse […]

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HRZL : Subtopia

Electronic label Soundtracking The Void is never one to release an artist that’s less than stellar. STV gives a stage to forward-thinking artists pushing the boundaries of their music and electronic music in general. The latest in their releases is no different. Say hello to Germany’s HRZL(aka Herzel.) According the Herzel’s biography, “Born in Macedonia, […]

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Andy Fosberry : 13

UK electronic label Soundtracking The Void is back again with a new release for 2020. This time its from UK media composer Andy Fosberry. Fosberry runs Fully Composed Studio, a studio where Fosberry creates music for film, TV, commercials, and pretty much anything that sight and sound come together in an organic, natural way. Soundtracking […]

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