Minos : S/T


This is the bold-faced, all caps mission statement that hits you head on when listening to Minos’ self-titled album on their Bandcamp page. That’s not a statement to take lightly, folks. And while I wouldn’t label listeners that dig this album lunatics, I would definitely say it’s narrative music. The worlds created on this excellent album hailing from Brussels, Belgium are of the classic sense. A sonic mix of 60s and 70s Giallo composers like Morricone, Nicolai, and Ortolani, but with touches of early 80s electronic. Minos’ album is filled with cinematic gestures and heart-pounding anxiety, all coming together in a gorgeous little sonic escape from the world.

Minos’ is a one man band that hails from Switzerland but resides in Brussels. Those deep, mysterious Euro vibes emanate from this record. Though post-punk and Krautrock are mentioned, I hear more French new wave and Italian vibes.

The record is a mixture of incidental pieces(like opener “Ruelle”) that sounds like a woman walking thru what I’m assuming city streets. That leads into the brassy opening of “Galactik Derrick”, which sounds like some futuristic theme song to a story about space spies and espionage on Mars. It also has touches of late 80s console video games which I totally dig. “Tout ou Rien” has the manic pace of post-punk going new wave, a driving track that hits light speed and never lets up. “La Planque” is a big, bold hard electro track with dramatic synths and a touch of dance floor techno.

Minos’ tasteful mixture of musical past, present, and futuristic vibes all come together in an eloquent sort of madness. I’m reminded of classic composers as well as modern purveyors of Euro film score vibes like Broken Lamps, Futuropaco, and even touches of Air. While some listening might well be lunatics, you certainly don’t need to be one to fall for Minos’ sonic delights.

If you’re looking for an escape from the current state of the world, Minos offers up a groovy portal to get lost in for a bit.

Minos’ S/T is available now on Red Maze Records. Hit up their Bandcamp page and take the dive. 

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