Step Out Of Reality With The Psychic Circle; Listen To “View From The Magicians Window Part 1”

UK-based record label Library Of The Occult has been offering up dark, synth-driven music since its introduction this past summer. New music from Dream Division, Ogre, and Timothy Fife has delved into classic Gothic literature, occult themes, D&D, and contact with worlds beyond our own. LOTO has made it its mission to keep the spirit […]

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Minos : S/T

“NARRATIVE MUSIC FOR LUNATIC PEOPLE” This is the bold-faced, all caps mission statement that hits you head on when listening to Minos’ self-titled album on their Bandcamp page. That’s not a statement to take lightly, folks. And while I wouldn’t label listeners that dig this album lunatics, I would definitely say it’s narrative music. The […]

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Alone 1980 : Voyage

The Swedish heavy synth project Alone 1980 has released an impressive collection of instrumental/horror soundtrack-inspired albums in the course of just a little over a year. One EP and six full-length albums filled with analog dread and giallo-heavy vibes since August 2018 means Alone 1980 has plenty to say. On Alone 1980s latest release, the […]

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Broken Lamps : Kaleidoscope

Broken Lamps creates a musical world of intrigue, paisley hallucinations, and tasteful grooves. It’s a psychedelic time machine that transports you to a smoke-filled lounge hidden along a cobble-stoned street in Florence. You take a Vespa through the Italian countryside, where composers like Morricone, Nicolai, Umiliani, and Cipriani pulled inspiration from for their most iconic work. […]

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Umberto : Alienation

Umberto’s Alienation feels like a cross between New Age, a giallo score, and a soundtrack to some strange early 80s sci fi film. Previous albums like Confrontation, Night Has A Thousand Screams, and Prophecy Of The Black Widow all took their cues from the Gothic and dark world of horror films from guys like Argento, […]

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