Brian Ellis and Jonas Munk Want To Blow Your Mind With ‘San Diego Sessions’ Out August 14th

For years there has been tales told of an epic jam session that took place in San Diego a few years back. Some of the most forward-thinking psych and fusion musicians the southern California music scene has to offer, along with Causa Sui guitarist and El Paraiso Records co-label head Jonas Munk, gathered at psych/funk/jazz wunderkind Brian Ellis’ home studio and laid down some seriously mind-blowing jams. Fueled by the powerful drumming of Paul Marrone, Munk and Ellis(along with musicians from such bands as Astra, Psicomagia, Monarch, Radio Moscow, and Sacri Monti) followed the muse into the astral plane.

It’s been awhile since Jonas Munk crossed the Atlantic and the whole of North America to lay down some blistering guitar in a southern California studio with other musical wizards. But those tales of that epic jam session will now be more than mere urban legends, hazy tales, or fever dreams. San Diego Sessions is alive and coming to a turntable near you on August 14th.

After years of waiting this epic night of free-form jams and acid-burnt psych will finally make its way to our ears via El Paraiso Records. Seven tracks sprawled over two sides of wax for you the listener to fall head first into. And first single “Pauly’s Pentalces” is a monster of a jam.

The studio was raising some serious spirits that night, with Munk going full Hendrix ala Live At Woodstock as the song starts like a gentle wind off Coronado Beach. But soon enough the tide turns and things get crazy. Munk splits vibes between bluesy Jimi and John McLaughlin dexterity ala The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions.  Ellis brings some serious Bernie Worrell vibes and things go full galactic. Morrone is an absolute monster on the drums, and his work with Radio Moscow, Psicomagia(with Ellis), and Astra speaks for itself. With Ellis Munk Ensemble he seems to have locked into some serious Tony Willams vibes, going full Emergency and Trio Of Doom.

You can hear the magic between these cats on “Pauly’s Pentacles”. There’s nothing like it when musicians get together, lock into the vibes of a room, and just follow each other down the rabbit hole. If there’s a crew of musical wizards that can turn a jam into a journey, it’s this San Diego crew. And throw a sonic ninja like Jonas Munk into the mix and, well, holy shit you got yourself a serious happening.

Ellis Munk Ensemble drops San Diego Sessions 8/14 on El Paraiso Records. Preorder is up now, so head to El Paraiso Records and drop some change. You’ll be glad you did. It’s limited to 600 LPs, so don’t sleep on this one. 

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