Let Remington super 60 Brighten Your Day With “Still Near”

We are officially into the dog days of summer, and boy oh boy what a dog it is. Like Cujo mixed with the Rottweiler in The Omen with a touch of those hellhounds Robert Johnson sang about. Between the virus, the protests, and a large portion of the population of the world that doesn’t take either seriously, I’ll probably be writing from a dome or mountaintop cave far from society(what’s left of it) six months from now.

But still, whether it’s a lousy summer or not we all need that perfect summer song. I believe I found it in Remington super 60’s gorgeous new single “Still near”.

Remington Super 60 is the brainchild of Norweigian producer/songwriter Christoffer Schou, who started the band in 1998. It’s been a sort of revolving door of talented folks that have spent time in the band over the years, building a solid discography for Remington super 60 and Schou. In 2017 there was even a tribute album in honor of the band.

With the band’s current line-up Remington super 60 has written and recorded a perfect summer song with “Still near”, a track that shimmers and sways like a cross between the Beach Boys, Camera Obscura, and Belle and Sebastian. Remington super 60 capture both the great pop renaissance of the 60s, as well as locking into the vibes of so many great indie and alternative rock bands of the late 90s and early 2000s. Yo La Tengo, The Cardigans, Stereolab, and even bits of New Order.

There’s a sort of timelessness with a perfect pop song. A song that could’ve come from any era. The melancholy sway of reminiscing about a time, a person, or a place that’s now out of reach except in our mind. A song like “Still near”, as well as so many other great pop songs, is a portal to those long gone places and people.

“Still near” will be included on Remington super 60s new EP coming out this fall on the band’s own label, Cafe Superstar Recordings. Listen to “Still near” below and forget about those dog days of summer. Just for a bit. 

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