Mandy, Indiana : I’ve Seen A Way

The UK experimental post-punk/dance/noise band Mandy, Indiana is the sound of sexy androids building more sexy androids in a cave that doubles as a rave. Robotic rhythms seem to emerge from grinding machines and screeching gears, while the vocals are less a voice singing than another rhythm instrument. It’s grinding, industrial noise for the dance […]

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Depeche Mode : Memento Mori

Depeche Mode, after 40 years as a band, have earned the title of Elder Statesmen of Synth Pop. The UK alternative rock band has built a musical dynasty, starting in 1981 with their debut album Speak & Spell. With each successive album the band honed their sound and their style to a fine doomed romantic […]

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The Soft Moon : Exister

Luis Vasquez’ music project The Soft Moon has made consistently compelling and visceral post-punk/darkwave albums for over a decade now. Starting out with mostly pulsating rhythms, jagged guitars, flanged bass lines, and icy synths, Vasquez made records that felt emotionally raw. Joy Division, Bauhaus, early Cure, and Nine Inch Nails were foundational bands for the […]

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Preoccupations : Arrangements

Preoccupations, formerly Viet Cong, are a Canadian four-piece that rose from the ashes of indie rock darlings Women. Where Women was more in the vein of bands like Deerhunter and Pavement, Preoccupations went for a more darker, propulsive sound. From their ‘Cassette’ ep debut to their self-titled full-length as Viet Cong to name change to […]

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Black Midi : Hellfire

Over the course of three albums in as many years the prog/math/avante rock band Black Midi have gone to great measures to make densely-layered and technically jaw-dropping albums that the simple passerby’s frontal lobe would melt from after listening. This isn’t the kind of rock music you put on for a chill session. The UK […]

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Feu Follet Returns With New LP ‘IV’, Out 7/29; Listen To Single “Somebody Else”

Back in 2021 producer and musician Alban Blaising released the stunning Beneath the Earth under the name Feu Follet. The amazing album was a mixture of post-punk, dream pop, and dark wave with a fairy-tale twist that combined early 4AD vibes with colorful imagery for a singular musical experience. Blaising’s stunning production and engaging melodies […]

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Isvisible Isinvisible : Exhaler

Simon Pott’s Isvisible Isinvisible project has been a source of joy for my ears ever since I heard his Burning Witches Records self-titled debut back in 2018. His modular synth wizardry is nothing short of brilliant, as very few can conjure such melody, harmony, and nostalgia from such an unpredictable machine. The nostalgia comes from […]

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Weird Nightmare : Weird Nightmare

Alex Edkins main gig is guitarist/vocalist for Canadian post-punk/noise stalwarts METZ. The three-piece band has been blowing minds and eardrums for nearly 15 years now, releasing four full-lengths, a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks, plus a live album in 2021. Their sound is a cacophony of jagged feedback, punk rock drumming, and thunderous bass […]

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Vlimmer’s Alexander Leonard Donat Readies New Project Assassun, ‘Sunset Skull’ Arrives 3/11; Listen To “Devours Itself”

Alexander Leonard Donat is a man of many moods. With his project Vlimmer he unleashes poetic dark wave with gorgeous melodies and Gothic undertones. With Fir Cone Children he gives us beautifully constructed pop in the spirit of Robyn Hitchcock and Guided By Voices. Whatever non de plume Donat is creating under it’s always exciting, […]

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