Bambara Drops New Single “Serafina”

New York-based post-punk band Bambara have just released their new single “Serafina”. This is the first single release from their forthcoming album Stray, which arrives February 14, 2020 via Wharf Cat. This will be a follow-up to the band’s last album, the critically-acclaimed Shadow on Everything. “Serafina” is a dizzying mix of post-punk and noise […]

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Yeesh : Saw You Up There

It’s always a great feeling to discover a band. You hit play on a new album and instantly feel like you’re connected. You think “This is a band I can grow with. I can’t wait to check out what came before and what will be coming in the future.” I felt that way about the […]

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METZ : Automat

Metz have obliterated car speakers and ear drums quite easily since their Sub Pop debut album back in 2012. Their sound is like Tinnitus feedback served over a post-hardcore back beat with a healthy dose of primal screaming sprinkled on top. The Bleach and In Utero comparisons aren’t without merit, but there’s more to the […]

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Pinkish Black : Concept Unification

Pinkish Black are a band that rose out of the ashes of another band, The Great Tyrant. Daron Beck(Keyboards, Synthesizers, Voice),  Jon Teague(Drums), and Tommy Atkins(Bass) were a three piece out of Denton, TX that made music which could be called experimental. I’d call it a nightmare creation that sounded like a late-60s psych band […]

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Grivo : Elude

Austin band Grivo work in musically darker, methodical corners. Tempos are a slow dirge and melodies are jagged melancholy mixed with an emotional turmoil being an adult in these times brings. Guitars chime and reverberate as bass and drums rumble along, while the vocals feel almost whispered in the mix. Guitarist/singer Timothy Heck is our […]

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