Storm’s A-Brewin’

It looks like we’re in for some heavy snow tonight. According to the local(and most accurate) weather report from Indiana Weather Online we’re looking to be in the 2 to 4 inches category, with us being closer to the 4 inches spot. Granted that’s not a whole lot, especially when you compare it to last year at this time with multiple blizzards coming down on us like we were on Hoth. But when we haven’t had any significant snowfall up to this point in the season, 2 to 4 inches isn’t too bad.

Besides the snow, it’s also supposed to get pretty windy and bitter cold. Wednesday the high is going to be 10 degrees, with a low of -11. That’s the kind of cold that separates the men from the polar bears. I just watched Fargo last week. I think I may have caused all of this. Sorry northern Indiana.

Since I didn’t get crap for vacation time over the holidays I opted to call in today at work and let the folks at the shop handle things today. I slept in, made coffee, watched lots of Young Justice with my son, and did some work in the music studio. I’m working on some digital distribution for my music project Cambodia Highball. I’d like to see our album on Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes. For a small fee CD Baby will take care of that for me. Would I like to see our album on 180 gram double vinyl with gatefold sleeve? Of course I would, but I don’t have that kind of scratch laying around just so I could have my album on vinyl. Like it or not, the digital realm is an independent artist’s best chance at allowing worldwide access to their art. Maybe someday I might be able to see my music on record, but until then I’m happy with Bandcamp, streaming services, and iTunes.

I’ve also been working on new music of my own. I think I might be onto getting a new album of music under my own name well on its way. I’ve had four or five songs in different working stages for about 8 or 9 months now sitting on the recorder. I finished two, but I think I might go back and remix them to fit in the current vision I have for them. Things look promising, artistically speaking. I’m off for a whole week mid-January while the wife is gone on business. So while the kiddos are at school I plan on recording as much as I can that week. Hoping to get at least two or three songs framed while I’m off. I was hoping to have an analog synthesizer for those recording sessions, but I don’t think that will happen. It’s all right, as what I’m seeing for these songs is more acoustic-based. Piano, acoustic guitars, and some ethereal noises courtesy of my pedal board.

Well, I don’t know what your weather is doing, but whatever it is stay warm and safe folks.

14 thoughts on “Storm’s A-Brewin’

    1. I’m sure you’ll get your chance at that 2015 snowman. You get some pretty decent snowfall in Vienna, don’t you?

      And thanks. I’m hoping it doesn’t get too bad here as well. I only have a 10 minute drive to work in the morning, but it’s at 5:30am and the roads usually aren’t cleared off yet.


      1. Uh that’s pretty early! But here it’s quite the same. If you have to go to work before 6 am and it started to snow in the early morning hours, you better tell your boss that you won’t be on time. And if there’s more than 15cm snow on the streets in the afternoon, you can be sure that public transport won’t be on time too. Especially the inner city busses ’cause of the many parking violators. They don’t see the parking lines any more and congest the streets (when I was a child all lines on the streets were yellow. Since Austria is part of the EU we have white lines. Really clever in a country with many snow 😉 ).
        Good luck tomorrow! 🙂

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    2. Oh wow, from someone who has spent merely 4 days in your fair city, I must say you have an incredible hometown. Of course I was there in late summer so it was mild and comfortable. I can totally imagine the snow lined streets winding around the river.

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  1. No snow here, but it’s time to bring in the brass monkeys – lows of like, 2 freakin’ degrees, and highs only in the teens. I’m too old for this crap 😀
    Btw, ran across some music you might enjoy. It’s from a woman named Stef Connor, and she’s translated ancient Sumarian writings and put them to music. The only way I can describe it is beautiful and goose-pimply. Here’s the link:
    Stay warm and safe.

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      1. I hope. Then I can tell the world of my theory that the Government is attempting to control us through bags of microwave popcorn and subliminal messages broadcast on Dancing With The Stars!

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