Storm’s A-Brewin’

It looks like we’re in for some heavy snow tonight. According to the local(and most accurate) weather report from Indiana Weather Online we’re looking to be in the 2 to 4 inches category, with us being closer to the 4 inches spot. Granted that’s not a whole lot, especially when you compare it to last […]

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dreamdistrict and you

I’ve been working on this little project by myself for about a month now called dreamdistrict. I currently have five songs done and felt like talking a little about it. What? You don’t want to? Okay, well cover your ears…err, eyes. So for some time now I’ve had this ridiculous idea about making some (mostly)instrumental […]

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“Constellation Jam”

I know, we just put this Cambodia Highball album out in November of 2013. Two months ago. That’s not a whole lot of time for a record to soak in collective ears before readying a new set of tunes, but that’s just what we’re doing. I’m not sure if you got the memo, but Cambodia […]

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Odd Geometry Is Here

After countless singles, blog posts, hints, allegations, and general chit chatting about this thing called Cambodia Highball and that other thing called Odd Geometry the time has come to either put up or shut up. Odd Geometry is here and ready for your listening pleasure. It’s been a little over six months since Mr. Page […]

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Odd Geometry Coming Soon

It’s getting close. I’m anxious as hell to release this album onto the world. But we’re not quite ready. Not quite. We’re still tweaking artwork, getting articles lined up, doing some promotion here and there. Basically just getting all our ducks in a row, for lack of a better term. It’s strange. This process of […]

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“On Brighter Days(she sings)”

In just two weeks Shane Darin Page and myself will be releasing what will be the first album as Cambodia Highball. On October 8th, 2013 Cambodia Highball’s debut album, Odd Geometry, will be available for your ears and souls. Odd Geometry is the culmination of a summer of Saturday afternoon jams. Freewheeling noise and sonic […]

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Saturday Morning

Yeah, it’s a super hero kind of morning here in the woods located in a cornfield located in Northeast Indiana. I’m good with that, actually. It seems it’s a veritable United Nations of super hero fun going on, too. There’s DC and Marvel representin’ yo. Someday I will have a new iPod with a camera […]

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