A Few Words From Management

The new year always starts pretty slow for me. I don’t know what it is, but I find myself lacking in words to type, stories to tell, and music to discuss. It could be that those final couple weeks of December are a huge push to discuss the previous year’s triumphs and put them in […]

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Miracle On U.S. 30

I’m not much of a believer in the mystical and magical. I don’t look at fantastical events and think of some divine intervention, or a prayer was answered. For all the good and bad that happens, and happens in a miraculous way, I see it as either good luck or bad luck. Yes, I view […]

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Writing and Mood Swings

For the most part I keep the writing on Complex Distractions focused on those things in art and commerce that move me. Records, books, films, art, and all those other things that fall under the category of “waste of time” in most public school systems anymore. That’s the stuff that drove me to start writing […]

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The Only Christmas Album You Need : Vince Guaraldi Trio’s ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Growing up in the Midwest Christmas was always a special time to me. The family gatherings, the mysterious gifts that appeared under the tree, the spirits both in the air and in my parents glasses, and of course the true reason for the season. There was a mix of happiness and bittersweet, as you thought […]

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Chicago, 2008. My wife and I drove to the windy city in October of 2008 to see My Morning Jacket. The show had been cancelled because just a couple nights prior Jim James took a spill from an extremely high stage and messed himself up pretty good. The hotel where we’d made reservations wasn’t understanding […]

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Ghost of a Dog

Out of the blue yesterday I thought about a dog named Helmut. This wasn’t some random dog name, or some random dog. Helmut was our dog from 1999 to 2009. We’d brought Helmut into our home in August of 1999, two years after my wife and I gotten our very first dog Dieter. Dieter was […]

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