My Airwaves

For the first decade of my existence I pretty much lived in a dead zone. My dad was too cheap to get cable, so we relied on a 40′ antenna tower for our television needs. I didn’t really miss cable till I got a little older and things like USA Up All Night, movies with […]

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Another Year(Nearly) Gone

Rounding out the weekend following one of the last big yearly holiday markers we call Thanksgiving. That means December is only a few days away, which also means my 49th birthday is just a few days away(cue The Beatles.) It was a decent Thanksgiving weekend, though today(Sunday) is an especially dreary one. Dark gray clouds, […]

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Durham’s Magic Fingers

So coming up through middle school and high school as an introverted wannabe guitar shredder is tough business. I could barely strum chords in front of my parents at home, let alone cut heads like Jack Butler in Crossroads in front of my peers. There was a definite “who’s the best?” vibe in high school. […]

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Exile On Meh Street

The week before Thanksgiving is usually a time of the year I love. Lots of dark overcast days, the temps drop, and the thought of having a four-day weekend coming up helped me push through those final, few work days. And in year’s past I would typically take the whole week off. Take a whole […]

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“You’re dressed as what?”

It’s October 31st, 2022. All Hallow’s Eve, the day where ghosts, goblins, and ghouls rise from the netherworld to steal souls, cook kids in in cauldrons, and give you lip when you don’t give them a full size candy bar(Fun Size? What’s so fun about it?) Yes, it’s Halloween. The one time of the year […]

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Make Time For Rock and Roll

I think nearly everyday of my life since I was about 12, the idea of playing guitar has popped in my head. Maybe not on my wedding day, or the day my kids were born, or at funerals, but most other days. Ever since being a 3, 4 year-old and hearing Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Doors, […]

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Vacation Truths, Ghosts Of Dog Dander’s Past, and Rain Drops Keep Falling On My G*#@!*& Head

October 19th, 2022 : 1:15pm As I sit at the dining room table in the lovely Air BnB my wife booked for us months ago, I realize I’ve gone full curmudgeon. Sonos sound system is playing Oneohtrix Point Never throughout the house, giant ribeye steaks sizzle on the grill out in the Michigan sunlight, and […]

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Fall Break

The day has arrived. We’ve been looking forward to this week since we booked the Air BnB months ago. Vacation week is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It was a year ago that I found out the plant I work in would be closed for good by July 2024. The place I’d worked […]

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