Dreams of walks and adventures

Over the summer one of my best friends moved from Northeast Indiana to Virginia. He bought a house sight unseen, packed up his Toyota Matrix with his clothes, art supplies, and his two dogs, and in two trips was moved in. He sends me updates on the place; repairs, renovations, building a fence to keep […]

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The Death of the Working Stiff

Leaving high school in 1992 there was still the feeling that even if you weren’t cut out for four, six, or ten more years of academia you could still find a job. Not just a job, but something that could sustain you. Then maybe even sustain you and your significant other. Eventually, you could even […]

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I think I’ve hit that point. I think I’m officially done with social media. In-particular, I’m done with Zuckerberg. I’m done with all the over-sharing, the self-congratulations, the social commentary, the Russian memes, the American memes, and the inarticulate points on politics and religion(both right and left). In general, I’m just tired of all the […]

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Opening Your Brain

I can feel a bit of a sea change happening with me, musically speaking. I’m feeling myself looking and searching for new sounds to feed my head. I’m starting to get numb to the “usual stuff”: electronic, synth, Krautrock, ambient. Those vibes I’ve been feeding my brain for the past few years. It’s this steady […]

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High School Dreams

I was listening to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast yesterday on a 3.5 mile walk on what was the first day of the 2019-2020 school year. In his opening monologue he spoke about a performance recently where it took place in what had been a high school. They’d turned classrooms into office spaces and were using […]

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