Picture In A Frame

I had a dream once where I was no longer needed by my children. In the dream I had three kids and they were all well into their teens. It was like I was looking at an old portrait in a photo album and it had suddenly come to life. I was standing in a […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

A three day weekend is a weekend to rejoice. Fit in extra movies to watch, places to hit up, and fun meals to plan. More time for records, playing guitar in the studio, and hanging out with the family. They’re those weekends that really make you appreciate an extra paid day away from the 9 […]

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In My Room

More than wealth, success, and a general sense of being important in some capacity, growing up the only thing I ever truly desired was a place to call my own. More important than going out with friends or going to the mall was having a space in this world that I felt safe. A corner […]

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On Monday I turn 46-years old. It’s a rather anti-climactic age. It’s not 40-years old, or 30-years old. It’s certainly not 18, 16, or 13-years old. And you’re still a hell of a ways off from 65 or 80-years old. It’s just a 4 of hearts or 5 of spades in a deck with kings, […]

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Dreams of walks and adventures

Over the summer one of my best friends moved from Northeast Indiana to Virginia. He bought a house sight unseen, packed up his Toyota Matrix with his clothes, art supplies, and his two dogs, and in two trips was moved in. He sends me updates on the place; repairs, renovations, building a fence to keep […]

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The Death of the Working Stiff

Leaving high school in 1992 there was still the feeling that even if you weren’t cut out for four, six, or ten more years of academia you could still find a job. Not just a job, but something that could sustain you. Then maybe even sustain you and your significant other. Eventually, you could even […]

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