Stoned On Ideas…

Creativity comes in phases for me anymore. It used to be that I was always in some kind of creative groove, and working on music was that one constant groove. I didn’t start writing regularly on this site till 2011/2012, so before that my creative side was pretty much making music in my basement. And […]

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Final Vinyl?

I got into collecting vinyl because I’m a fan of ritual, lover of album art, I’m mildly OCD, and ever since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed with music. I’m not one of those people that theorizes about how much better vinyl sounds than any other format. I still think CDs are the […]

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Father’s Daze

This is probably the most absent Father’s Day that I’ve had since getting my “Father” membership card on May 13th, 2000. Every Father’s Day since my oldest was born has been a big deal. Some kind of gathering, cards, and sometimes a shared Father’s Day celebration between our household and having my own father over […]

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Sorry Mrs. Jackson(I Am For Real)

I feel like growing up everyone had that one friend that lived in the neighborhood whom you kept in a very particular relationship bubble. You had your school friends and sports friends and maybe some weird YMCA club friends that might have intermingled and bled over into each other. You have your best friends that […]

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No Commencement For Old Dogs Or Men

On Sunday May 22, 2022 my wife and I, along with our oldest’s significant other, sat on the lawn of the Depauw University campus and watched as our daughter graduated with a Liberal Arts degree(with concentration in English Lit) from this small school in the middle of nowhere in Central Indiana. I can’t really say […]

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A little At A Time

Last couple weeks have been a doozy. The world around me is changing, evolving, getting erratic and I’m trying to hold on without being flung into the Phantom Zone to wallow in my own self-pity. I’m not all that good with change. I like to find a groove and allow that groove to play out […]

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El Supremo

The week has been oddly long for some reason. Came home yesterday, took the dog for a very windy walk, cleaned the kitchen and dining room, finished up the laundry, then proceeded to melt into the chair. I was tired all day(ironic then, that I come home and do like 3 hours of housework.) I […]

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