Canary in a Coal Mine

The essential worker. Someone who provides essential and life-saving services and items to the public at large during times of social and national crisis. Doctors, nurses, police, firemen, grocery and retail workers, manufacturing that provides medical and life-saving equipment, and who else am I missing? These are the folks continuing to do their jobs at […]

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Saturday Isolatin’

Well my week home from work(vacation, not closed…Capitalism, baby) is nearly done. Maybe it’s the fact that I chose to stay home, as opposed to being told I can’t work and I can’t make a living made the week a pleasant one. Read quite a bit, spun a lot of records, created some music, and […]

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Hi. How Are You?

I can honestly say in my 46 years on this planet I’ve not experienced anything quite like this Coronavirus pandemic. I mean, it’s not like living in some war-torn part of the world. And I’m not worried about mortars dropping in my front yard, or guerilla soldiers coming to my door forcing me to pledge […]

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Social Distancing : Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Quarantined

It seems that life is getting that much closer to the opening 10 minutes of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. People screaming and panicking, arguing the science of a major outbreak none of us really understand. People moving at a fast, stressed pace thinking of some kind of escape every moment they’re not escaping. […]

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Two Hour Delay

The two hour delay. It’s merely the promise to a full on cancelled school day. The kid brother to the big kahuna. The best are the two hour delays that are called the night before, which is what we’re currently working with. Phone rings at 7:50pm last night and we answer to a recording from […]

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Got The Time

Even as a little tyke in Husky jeans I was obsessed with time. How quickly it seems to move, length between one place to the other, the possibility of traveling back and forward thru it, and lamenting its inevitable damage on my person as it moves over me like a metaphorical freight train. I’m not […]

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