Next week will be my uncle Chuck’s 80th birthday. He’s the oldest, with my dad being five years behind him at 75. To be perfectly honest I don’t know my uncle Chuck all that well. In fact, I’m not even sure I’ve ever had a full conversation with the man. He was never around when […]

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Spring Break

For most spring break is that time of year where you pack your bags, load the station wagon, and head down south to the dirty finger known as Florida. The family basks in solar rays, beach hangs, and poolside drinks alongside drunk coeds and the neighbors from home because half your hometown followed you to […]

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If ever there was a year that gave so many so little to be thankful for, it’s 2020. Illness, deaths, job losses, isolated from family and friends, and the entire election cycle of poisoned rhetoric and flat-out lies has made this a year I think we’d all like to just flush like the giant turd […]

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Covid…Rhymes With Covid

Well it seems I’ve found myself at home for an undetermined amount of time. Maybe just three days. Maybe thirteen. A week ago I came down with what I’d describe as a mere head cold. I had a low grade fever after a day of being outside and raking/blowing leaves around the yard. It felt […]

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I shaved my beard recently. Not all the way, just enough to where it looks like I forgot to shave for a couple days. Don Johnson five o’ clock shadow? No, more like Dom Deluise 5 o’clock shadow. Or maybe Peter Deluise five o’clock shadow if I’m lucky. Anyways, I needed a change and felt […]

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Miracle On U.S. 30

I’m not much of a believer in the mystical and magical. I don’t look at fantastical events and think of some divine intervention, or a prayer was answered. For all the good and bad that happens, and happens in a miraculous way, I see it as either good luck or bad luck. Yes, I view […]

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