What’s a Tubi?

I always assumed that Tubi was just an awful streaming channel that hosted Jim Varney “Ernest” movies, TV shows that were cancelled after one season(I’m looking at you, ‘Enis’), and horror films best left to $2.00 ‘used’ movies at now defunct video rental shops and that bin that sat right by the checkout lanes in […]

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Ghost of a Dog

Out of the blue yesterday I thought about a dog named Helmut. This wasn’t some random dog name, or some random dog. Helmut was our dog from 1999 to 2009. We’d brought Helmut into our home in August of 1999, two years after my wife and I gotten our very first dog Dieter. Dieter was […]

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A Little Night Music

I never listened to music when I went to bed as a kid. I don’t remember wearing headphones with tunes blasting into my ears as I floated off to dream land. I don’t even recall having a music box playing lullabies as a little one, either. What I do remember was using a fan to […]

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