A Good Day To Visit Bandcamp

There’s really no planning for the world shutting down and discontinuing things like live shows, sitting in cafes discussing life over a cup coffee, and rummaging through records at a good old brick and mortar. But this is where we’re at right now. The world is hiding in seclusion until it’s safe to congregate and […]

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Balance Your Madness

At one point in my life I considered myself a serious songwriter. As serious as one could be working a full-time job, married, with three kids. Somehow, with all of that responsibility I still found time to write and record songs on the regular. If inspiration struck I could sit down at the out-of-tune piano […]

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Phantom Limb

I remember as far back as being 5 or 6 years old that I wanted to find something that was my own. Something special; a skill or talent through which I could express myself. Take that storm of ideas, emotions, loves, and fears that swirled in my head and heart and put them out into […]

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Different Name, Same Schmuck

If you happen by here often(or semi-often), then you’ll notice something is different about the place. Sure, the WordPress theme looks different(that may change again), but where is the affable Jhubner73.com, you’re probably wondering?(if you’re not, then you should pay closer attention.) Well, I have indeed re-christened the Good Ship Blog Spot. Jhubner73.com has been […]

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Conversations With Jack

  Artwork by Jason Stephenson It seems like a lifetime, but it was actually 10 years ago that I started a band called Goodbyewave. Well, it was just me at first. Then in 2006 I started playing with a drummer named Jack. Jack had been my neighbor for nearly 10 years prior to that but […]

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