Lil Yachty : Let’s Start Here.

So when my 19-year old daughter texted me over the weekend and asked if I’d heard the new Lil Yachty album, my initial reaction was “Huh?” But instead, I replied “Well, I’ve heard of him.” So she proceeded to tell me to give it a listen as she thought I’d like it. Given that I’ve bestowed many musical recommendations to my kids over the last few years(with many even sticking) I figured I’d at least give it a cursory spin just to say I listened. What I found, to my surprise, was that Lil Yachty’s new album Let’s Start Here. is pretty great.

Prior to his new album, I knew nothing about the 25-year old Georgia-born rapper that goes by Lil Yachty. I’m not much of a connoisseur of hip hop. I know what I like, and that’s about it. Pop rap, trap, hip hop, mumble rap,…it’s all rhymin’ n stealin’ to me, yo. But I love a good crossover, and Lil Yachty is stepping out of his comfort zone on Let’s Start Here. by delving into psychedelic rock and alternative music. Working with a bevy of producers and songwriters, including Mac Demarco and MGMT’s Benjamin Goldwasser to name but two, Lil Yachty’s sound is more Tame Impala, Djo, and Glass Animals here.

One of the biggest DNA strands I’m hearing when album opener “the BLACK seminole.” starts up is Pink Floyd. From the minor key jam, the soulful guitar licks, and the female vocals, Dark Side Of The Moon feels present in the inspiration and the atmospheric touches. Lil Yachty is going for a sonic “thing” here, and he captures it perfectly. This is what Floyd’s “The Great Gig In The Sky” would sound like produced by Kevin Parker. Other moments, like “pRETTy” touches on Silk Sonic and Joji vibes. Alex G and Mac Demarco “:(failure(:” which their kind of hazy psych pop comes thru under Yachty’s spoken word lyrics.

Lets Start Here. is a very vibe-heavy, low key psych/pop/rap crossover record that will probably surprise a lot of listener, much in the same way it surprised me. Fans of Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, and modern pop productions will find much to love about this album. Much like Daniel Lopatin producing albums for The Weeknd and Soccer Mommy, Lil Yachty’s Let’s Start Here. showcases inspiration in the coming together of musical styles. And in a much deeper way, it shows what happens when you tear down the walls and just see what happens when you step out of genre box for a bit.

3 thoughts on “Lil Yachty : Let’s Start Here.

    1. Exactly. I wouldn’t have given this a listen if it weren’t for her, and I would’ve missed out on a pretty decent album. My years of incessant music listening at home, in the car, and pretty much everywhere with my kids has rubbed off on all of them. But my 19-year old has a very good ear for music. We’re always talking about music and recommending stuff to each other. One of my finer parenting moments.

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