Tame Impala : The Slow Rush

It feels like Kevin Parker has finally found the perfect balance between the scrappy psych rock Tame Impala and the more nuanced, pop-inflected Tame Impala we’ve been hearing since 2015s Currents. Parker has never made it a secret that he had much loftier goals than just making his debut Innerspeaker over and over again. Even […]

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Mythic Sunship : Changing Shapes

A true sign of a psych band worth their weight in hallucinogenics is their set at Roadburn. Many bands have stepped on the stage in Tilburg, Netherlands, and when they do they need to bring it. They need to bring it all and leave nothing but scorched earth, sizzled amplifiers, and melted faces in the […]

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Blue Tomorrows Releases The Dreamy “Sound of Moving”; Debut Drops Next Month

There’s a peaceful nostalgia that comes over me while listening to Blue Tomorrows’ “Sound of Moving”. Sarah Nienaber’s voice is like the whisper of a glorious dream. Remnants of memories you wake up with after a beautifully melancholy vision; memories that never existed before your head hit the pillow, but ones you desperately try to […]

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Monarch : Beyond The Blue Sky

Monarch is of course the name of a butterfly. It’s also the name of a southern California 5-pc rock band that mine rock and roll magic from a time when people still believed in the stuff. A time when headier states of mind, triple guitar attacks, and soulful undertones brought forth the best in us. […]

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The Flaming Lips : King’s Mouth

The Flaming Lips have been on a trajectory to musical history making ever since 1999’s The Soft Bulletin. At a time when Wayne Coyne, Steve Drozd, and Michael Ivins wondered if the band could continue with the exit of guitarist Ronald Jones, the three remaining members of the band along with producer Dave Fridmann created […]

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