Billow Observatory : Stareside

Billow Observatory, the long-running collaboration between musician/producer Jonas Munk and the great Auburn Lull’s Jason Kolb, has been quietly reinventing what ambient music can be for a decade now. Guitars awash in sonic maipulation that sound more like electo haze in the distance, coupled with synths and effects, Billow Observatory make sounds that feel revelatory. […]

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Carlton Melton : Microwavelengths

Labor Day Weekend, 2017. A heatwave beat down on Point Arena, California gifting Mendocino County with one of the hottest weekends on record. Somewhere nestled in the wooded landscape of Redwoods that touch the clouds with ease sat a geodesic dome where psych rockers Carlton Melton created their hazy “dome rock”. And on that oppressively […]

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Carlton Melton Go Back To where It Started With ‘Live In Point Arena’ 2LP Reissue Preorder

The mighty Carlton Melton have been trailblazers in psych rock since the late 2000s, putting out revelatory rock albums that play with sounds as varied as 60s fuzz guitars, 70s experimental, and ambient textures that encapsulate 50 years of forward-thinking music. But like every great trailblazer, you gotta start somewhere. For the Melton crew it […]

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Kanaan : Earthbound

Norwegian power trio Kanaan have laid some pretty impressive groundwork since their El Paraiso Records debut Windborne at the end of 2018. That album showed some serious musical chops from the young-ish three-piece, coming together with a sound that was both heavy and nuanced. Prog vibes combined with 70s art rock and a healthy dose […]

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Earthless : Live In The Mojave Desert

Earthless is a band that puts “power” in power trio. Isaiah Mitchell(guitar, vocals), Mike Eginton(bass), and Mario Rubalcaba(drums) are a San Diego three-piece that have been putting out next-level psych rock since the early 2000s. Their albums are long-form improvisations that pay tribute to bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer, Cream, Black Sabbath, […]

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