Lil Yachty : Let’s Start Here.

So when my 19-year old daughter texted me over the weekend and asked if I’d heard the new Lil Yachty album, my initial reaction was “Huh?” But instead, I replied “Well, I’ve heard of him.” So she proceeded to tell me to give it a listen as she thought I’d like it. Given that I’ve […]

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Sankofa : BLKTCHP2

One of the most prolific Fort Wayne artists is easily Sankofa. There’s a monolithic creative force behind the man known in everyday life as Stephen Bryden. When he grabs the notebook, the mic, and puts on the fly kicks he becomes one of the finest rappers in the Midwest. With a catalog years deep and […]

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Sankofa : Legacy Materials

Midwest MC Sankofa is not one to let much time lag between projects. Whether it’s constantly writing verses for new tracks, collaborating with friends, fellow MCs, producers, or coming up with ingenious new merch to help promote his work, Sankofa does not waste a drop of creative juice. Stephen Bryden, aka Sankofa, doesn’t let a […]

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Killer Mike For President

My good friend Stephen, aka Sankofa, wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered this amazing track with some help from EDS and Burnt Bakarak yesterday and dropped it this morning. Sankofa is one hell of an MC and thinker living in the Midwest with me. His tracks are thoughtful and provocative, while the beats are old school […]

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Sankofa Drops Video For “Blood of the Eagle’s Eye”; ‘$5,000 Flashlights’ Out Sept. 2nd

There really is none greater than Sankofa. The Midwest rapper has been quietly(and sometimes not so quietly) writing and recording thoughtful, introspective, and next-level rhymes now for over ten years(but less than 50.) He’s a worldly fellow but calls Fort Wayne, Indiana home. Whenever there’s a chance to hit a stage and spread the knowledge […]

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