Salvatore Mercatante : SM Synthesis

New York-based electronic musician Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t stick to just one vibe. He’s worked in the world of Giallo, experimental, minimalist, house, and heavy synth over the course of his musical endeavors. Regardless of what world he’s creating in, it’s always striking and engaging. I’m still unpacking albums like Tre Sfere, Presents Pistacchio Sessions, and the heavy synth opus The Foundations of Eternal Sin.

On his latest with Werra Foxma Records Mercatante is riding the circuits through vast moods and vibes. SM Synthesis runs the gamut of minimalist techno, experimental, and heady soundscapes that will take you on a journey. Clicks, clacks, and blips that feel both modern and vintage at the same time.

“Deity Of One” is slick and lean, riding on a simple beat and occasional swells of synthesis. But there’s an attitude to this track. I’m reminded of Bernard “Z” Szajner and his Visions of Dune album. Dark, hypnotic, and full of subtle attitude. By contrast “huck” is a straight up dance floor vibe, dark club visions and psychedelic flashes abound. “Ca Tine” opens on crystalline notes with erratic gun fire rhythm that sounds like video game noise from the early 80s.

Elsewhere “red OC” has a real dystopian feel to it, sci-fi vibes abound that you can get lost in. Mercatante has a knack for creating these vast, atmospheric soundscapes that are easy to fall into. “I’aqua” is all free floating and blissful, giving the impression of gazing into the eye of the universe while revealing mysteries through circuits and patch cables.

SM Synthesis is yet another heady run of sparse electronica and thoughtful synth melodies made to move the listener. Salvatore Mercatante makes music that engages you and invites you to open your mind and experience the music; not as a mere spectator but to crawl in it and feel it. A visceral sound experience.

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