Salvatore Mercatante : SM Synthesis

New York-based electronic musician Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t stick to just one vibe. He’s worked in the world of Giallo, experimental, minimalist, house, and heavy synth over the course of his musical endeavors. Regardless of what world he’s creating in, it’s always striking and engaging. I’m still unpacking albums like Tre Sfere, Presents Pistacchio Sessions, and […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : Post

Salvatore Mercatante doesn’t just stick to one vibe in his work. His albums ebb and flow from subtle techno to heady synth atmospheres to even Darkwave and ambient. Point being, a one-trick pony he is not. He goes where the muse takes him. Mercatante’s albums always surprise and build unique sound worlds where you can […]

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Salvatore Mercatante & Veins Full Of Static : Machine Memories

The latest trip dropping from the UK electronic label Waxing Crescent Records is a two-part collaboration between New York’s Salvatore Mercatante and the UK project Veins Full Of Static called Machine Memories. These two prolific artists split album sides for long form, existential floats into the ether. Ambient in spirit, but each artist approaches their […]

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Salvatore Mercatante : Tre Sfere

Before the ink could dry on his last release, New York-based musician and composer Salvatore Mercatante has released a new album. Right off the heels of his Soundtracking The Void album Presents Pistacchio Sessions, Mercatante now presents us with Tre Sfere which is being released by Woodford Halse. Where PPS concentrated on more dance floor […]

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SM : Presents Pistacchio Sessions

The latest release to drop from UK electronic label Soundtracking The Void is NYC’s Salvatore Mercatante’s Presents Pistacchio Sessions. On Presents Pistacchio Sessions Mercatante trades his swaths of heavy synth for a more techno-heavy sound. He mixes the existential space drifts of last year’s The Foundations Of Eternal Sin with more dance floor-ready explorations. Though […]

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