Bluetech : Underwater Cities

Bluetech works in the warm and inviting world of analog and modular synth music, going for more dance floor and techno vibes. The lush world that fills his albums feels like a sonic cleanser from the world outside; a circuital bath meant to wash away the negative static we encounter on a daily basis. On […]

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Rival Consoles : Articulation

Ryan Lee West makes the kind of electronic dance music that doesn’t really feel like dance music. There’s movement, rhythm, and grooves easily fallen into, but the sonic landscape feels more contemplative. West builds worlds on his albums as Rival Consoles, and starting back on 2015s Sonne EP, West began a new way to create […]

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Dylan Cameron Returns With The Propulsive “Dust Lust”

Austin-based experimental producer and Holodeck Records artist Dylan Cameron returns with a brand new single “Dust Lust”, part of Holodeck Records single series. “Dust Lust” is pure visceral movement. A steady but intricate dance floor track that pushes the boundaries of textural sonic production and the artistic ease of just letting go and moving. Cameron […]

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Steve Moore : Frame Dragging

You can pretty much count on Steve Moore to release amazing music on a consistent basis; whether he’s scoring films, releasing solo work, dropping mind melters with AE Paterra in Zombi, dabbling in dance pop with Miracle, or even giving us something as out there as the groovy Lovelock. Steve Moore is always working on […]

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Urgula : Frequency Wars

Techno music has a certain freedom to it that allows the music to zone out, expand, and elaborate on a single rhythm for as long as it needs. It works some kind of sonic voodoo on the listener, putting us in a state of suspended animation. I’ve grown to appreciate the genre over the years, […]

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Fragile X : Late 03 : Hylozoic

The Glasgow electronic wizard J Gorecki, musically known as Fragile X, is all about moving us. Taking us on a journey thru his music. Many of us walk the path of mundanity in our daily lives; clocking in and clocking out, paying bills, cleaning up, and even talking about the same things and never deviating […]

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VVV : Spreading Primrose

Shawhin Izaddoost, aka VVV makes music that while hypnotic feels deeper than just the typical dance track. He works in dense soundscapes while locking into tight grooves and connective rhythms which allow the listener to fall into a sonic world deeper than just a club beat. His music mixes elements of 2-step, ambient, techno, and […]

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