Fall Deep Into Shortwave Broadcaster’s Latest “Transposing Memories”

Keith Canisius works as Shortwave Broadcaster in the modular/ambient realm. If you’ve been paying any attention to these pages the last couple of years you are sure to know that. Canisius is also one half of the synth/guitar duo Astral TV(along with Causa Sui’s Rasmus Rassmussen.) But with Shortwave Broadcaster Canisius deep dives into heavily-effected guitar and Modular systems, creating a kind of “sonic wall of contemplation”. What I mean by that is that this is the kind of music that allows you to get completely lost for its runtime. Walking a fine line between ambient, new age, and a sort of heavily-sedated Berlin School.

On Canisius’ latest release, the grand and gorgeous “Transposing Memories”, Keith Canisius takes us on a journey into the mind. It’s a regal sound world that connects us to the world of dreams and memories, where one begins and another ends, and whether we ever truly know what’s a memory and what was just a dream. The seeds stories planted in the subconscious that become memories that aren’t ours, while dreams are really memories disguised as our subconscious mind “farting around”, as a famous Hoosier would say.

It’s heavy, man.

Here’s what Canisius had to say about “Transposing Memories”: “Transposing Memories is a calm and dreamy ambient piece with a thoughtful mood. Multiple modulated layers of sound from recorded guitar loops are all handled and created on a modular system. The music itself underlines and supports the idea behind the title of the track, Transposing Memories, which sounds and recalls a dream about your transposing memories.

Whether you take the blue pill or the red pill, memory or dream, “Transposing Memories” will take you on a journey. Drop into Shortwave Broadcaster’s newest soundscape and see where it takes you.

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