A Gift To You

In times of worry I’ve always been the one to want to make things better. As a little kid if my mom was upset about something I was in my room making her a picture or offering to do the dishes so she didn’t have to. If the mood was tense I was the clown, […]

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Jonas Munk : Minimum Resistance

Jonas Munk likes working in subtle sonic textures. When not in Causa Sui as guitarist extraordinaire, Munk works more like a painter than musician in the studio. His solo work, along with his records with Billow Observatory, Ulrich Schnauss, and Nicklas Sorensen, are marked by a decidedly more nuanced approach. Going with the painter scenario, […]

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Iceblink : Carpet Cocoon

Lynn Avery describes her new album as her “comfort album, music to retreat to in the winter.” Avery, aka Iceblink, has made Carpet Cocoon as a bedroom new age album. Stitched together with nylon string guitar, synthesizers, flutes, and filtered saxophones, Iceblink’s Carpet Cocoon has a very pastoral vibe. A mixture of organic and processed, […]

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Pattern Music : A Conversation With Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sørensen

For the past several years musicians Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sørensen have had a productive collaboration going. Munk, who is co-runner of record label El Paraiso Records(as well as playing guitar in Causa Sui and releasing electronic music under the Manual moniker and under his own name), produced Sørensen’s first two solo LPs(titled Solo 1 […]

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