Marine Eyes : Chamomile

Every once in a while an album works its way into your brain that truly soothes the soul and calms the buzzing mind. 2020 was a year that I subsisted on ambient and drone music. It was the kind of music that offered what my weary head and heart needed so badly, a reprieve from […]

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Billow Observatory : Stareside

Billow Observatory, the long-running collaboration between musician/producer Jonas Munk and the great Auburn Lull’s Jason Kolb, has been quietly reinventing what ambient music can be for a decade now. Guitars awash in sonic maipulation that sound more like electo haze in the distance, coupled with synths and effects, Billow Observatory make sounds that feel revelatory. […]

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Paul Riedl : Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4

Analog sound wizard Paul Riedl returns once again with another volume of his heavy synth/cosmos head trips with Ambient Mixtape Vol. 4. He continues the heady sonic journey with SFI Recordings, blasting our psyches with 9 musical excursions into what sound like deep space drifts. Late in 2021 Paul dropped Ambient Mixtape Vol. 3, which […]

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Fall Deep Into Shortwave Broadcaster’s Latest “Transposing Memories”

Keith Canisius works as Shortwave Broadcaster in the modular/ambient realm. If you’ve been paying any attention to these pages the last couple of years you are sure to know that. Canisius is also one half of the synth/guitar duo Astral TV(along with Causa Sui’s Rasmus Rassmussen.) But with Shortwave Broadcaster Canisius deep dives into heavily-effected […]

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Blood Incantation : Timewave Zero

Denver’s Blood Incantation has made a reputation for themselves as one of the premier death metal bands. Eschewing the typical grind of lyrics about war and blood and carnage for something a little headier and cosmic. And after the release of the band’s sophomore album, 2019s Hidden History of the Human Race, Blood Incantion became […]

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City Of Dawn : Anoesis

Damien Duque, aka City Of Dawn, makes gorgeous music in the ambient/new age realm. Check out his work with Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea, or his latest album Agape with zakè (a.k.a. Zach Frizzell) for proof. It’s the kind of music that envelopes you; surrounds you and takes care of you for the length […]

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