Collin Gorman Weiland To Release ‘Now And Thus Suite’ June 25th; Listen To “Bird’s Desert Shadow”

The new album Now and Thus Suite from musician/producer/engineer Collin Gorman Weiland is a sublime and ethereal collection of new age/ambient songs that are reminiscent of classic private press releases of the 70s. I find myself getting lost in the hazy electronics and otherworldly mood of this 4-track LP. It’s the kind of album that […]

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Steve Roach : Tomorrow

Musician and composer Steve Roach is a legend in the ambient/new age music world. He started out as a Motorcross racer in his early 20s before being inspired by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Vangelis to teach himself to play the synthesizer. He released his debut album Now in 1982, and by 1986 he released […]

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Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea ready ‘Liberamente’; Listen To Title Track

Forward-thinking record label Azure Vista Records has been home to some truly awe-inspiring albums since its inception back in early 2017. Much like Windham Hill and ECM in the 70s, Azure Vista Records is about taking you out of your reality and dropping you into something deeper and headier. New Age(Jonas Munk), Ambient(Billow Observatory), electronic(Quaeschning […]

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Shortwave Broadcaster : Afraid of Ai

Shortwave Broadcaster is the experimental/ambient music project of Keith Canisius Baerken. Baerken works in the realm of electronic music in the duo Astral TV, as well as in Rumskib and has released music with Darla Records as Keith Canisius. With Shortwave Broadcaster Baerken is deep diving into serious ambient vibes courtesy of heavily effected guitar. […]

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Iceblink : Carpet Cocoon

Lynn Avery describes her new album as her “comfort album, music to retreat to in the winter.” Avery, aka Iceblink, has made Carpet Cocoon as a bedroom new age album. Stitched together with nylon string guitar, synthesizers, flutes, and filtered saxophones, Iceblink’s Carpet Cocoon has a very pastoral vibe. A mixture of organic and processed, […]

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Danny Scott Lane : Memory Record

LA-based producer Danny Scott Lane created his latest album Memory Record out of a thoughtful moment with his grandfather. After his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he gifted Lane and his brother microcassette recorders and told them to record and document their memories in physical form. Moments big and small locked onto tape to […]

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Italian native Marco Santucci de Magistris, aka INUIT, takes a deep dive on his debut release IIAALI on the always amazing Aural Canyon Records. IIAALI is one of those albums that allows you to close out the world and lock in with something deeper and something bigger than you. Through the use of synthesizers, de […]


Craig Aalders : Oceanography

Typically I think of the expanse of the Pacific Ocean and I start to feel a little insignificant. Don’t get me wrong, there is an absolute and awe-inspiring beauty in a large body of water like the Pacific, or for even my neck of the woods Lake Michigan. Standing on the shore line at the […]

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