Michael C. Sharp Returns With The Hazy “An Exquisite Aberration”

Michael C. Sharp is the quintessential working musician. He’s one to never sit on his laurels. Sharp is always working and always creating, whether it be in Sungod, post-hardcore three-piece Uniform, or working on new material on his own. A longtime staple of the Austin music scene and an OG artist with Holodeck Records, Sharp is a musician in constant motion.

Speaking of constant motion, Michael C. Sharp has just dropped a new single called “An Exquisite Aberration”. The song is a mixture of waves of synth and guitar that seem to swirl together in a calming but dark cloud. The track begins with jangly guitar, bringing to mind the open spaces of the Lone Star state. Delayed notes synthesizers roll in like a low fog taking the vibe from the southwest to Edgar Froese territory. The Komische vibes hit hard, creating a sort of interstellar space vibe as the notes expand and stretch into infinity.

Michael C. Sharp always seems to bring a very cinematic approach to his work. From the space rock vibes of Sungod to his previous solo releases like single “Motor Pt. 2”, Never Enough Time, and Psychic Fugitive. There’s a sense of narrative and mood-building within the notes, and on “An Exquisite Aberration” that continues and expands to new and exciting heights.

“An Exquisite Aberration” is available now. Listen to the track below, then head over to Holodeck Records and download Michael C. Sharp’s newest track. 


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