Steve Moore : Gone World

Steve Moore has kept pretty busy despite a slow time for working musicians. Starting last year with a killer track on the Portals comp via Behind The Sky, Zombi’s excellent 2020, a series of covers this year under the ‘Zombi and Friends’ moniker, the collab album Liminial Migration with Bluetech, a new Zombi ep earlier […]

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Lisa Bella Donna : Moogmentum

The newest release from synth pioneer Lisa Bella Donna sees her paying tribute to another pioneer, Bob Moog. Lisa Bella Donna pays tribute by making an album of exquisite sonic tastes; a record created with the Moog at the heart of it. Moogmentum is a sonic journey that only requires an open mind and open […]

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Shortwave Broadcaster : In Flow

Keith Canisius’ musical word as Shortwave Broadcaster is an all-encompassing one. With a guitar and a Eurorack he builds these towering sonic landscapes that paint monolithic sounds, both tempered in darkness and light. He captures the vibe of classic Komische artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and also early Windham Hill albums. New age, ambient, […]

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Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk Are In “Perpetual Motion”; ‘Eight Fragments Of An Illusion’ Out 4/23

The music of Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk is both reminiscent of their individual works and completely it’s own intimate beast. Both musicians are adept, prodigious even, in the studio. The studio is an extension of themselves; an instrument to be used much like a synthesizer, guitar, or sequencer. They not only build music, but […]

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