Astral TV : Travelling The Circuits

Astral TV lock into the universe when they create. Their music feels centered on some deeper understanding. A deeper understanding of what? Our connectivity to currents and how they effect us emotionally and psychically. It’s a visceral sound that goes from hazy, circuital beauty to more darker realms of tone and feel. Rasmus Rasmussen and […]

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Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sørensen Ready ‘Always Already Here’; Check Out The Hypnotic “Shift”

Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sørensen have been working together for a few years now. First, with Munk engineering three albums by Sørensen’s main gig, Papir. Then producing and working on Solo and Solo 2, Nicklas’ first two solo records. The two then began playing partially improvised synth/guitar shows together. These sonic excursions became the basis […]

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Skeleton Beach : Ritual

Ritual, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is defined as “the established form for a ceremony“; “a ceremonial act or action“. When you step into the world of Ritual, the brand new long player by Skeleton Beach, you are indeed stepping into ceremony. This album harkens back to the days of double gatefold sleeves and hanging out […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : Sonder

I’m never disappointed when I walk into the musical world of Thomas Ragsdale. He’s always building these strange and beautiful sonic structures where I can spend ample time getting lost and discovering new and exciting things. It puts me in mind of a particular memory from my childhood. As a kid we’d go to a […]

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Future Museums : Heavenish

Neil Lord up to this point has used the moniker Future Museums as a way to open up and get deep with the world around him. The albums he creates as Future Museums feel like hallowed halls echoing with the hum of the universe, a music born out of deep meditation and tuning to the […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : Self Zero

Artwork by Darren Hopes Thomas Ragsdale has been one half of the electronic duo worriedaboutsatan since 2005. If you happen to dive into the musical world of Ragsdale and Gavin Miller you’ll hear a prolific body of work spanning styles ranging from techno, glitch, post-rock, and ambient. They’re not a band that wants to be […]

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