Future Museums : Heavenish

Neil Lord up to this point has used the moniker Future Museums as a way to open up and get deep with the world around him. The albums he creates as Future Museums feel like hallowed halls echoing with the hum of the universe, a music born out of deep meditation and tuning to the […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : Self Zero

Artwork by Darren Hopes Thomas Ragsdale has been one half of the electronic duo worriedaboutsatan since 2005. If you happen to dive into the musical world of Ragsdale and Gavin Miller you’ll hear a prolific body of work spanning styles ranging from techno, glitch, post-rock, and ambient. They’re not a band that wants to be […]

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Timothy Fife : Hoichi The Earless

There are few musicians working today that are as consistently great as east coast musician/composer Timothy Fife. I discovered him thru his synth duo Victims, and their wonderful Form Hell 10 inch release from 2016. Fife followed that up in 2017 with his Death Waltz/Mondo solo debut Black Carbon(Form Hell was also a Death Waltz release.) […]

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Sonic Explorations : Neil Lord Talks Future Museums, His Creative Process, and Collaboration

There’s a few ways one ends up when they grow up in the country. There’s the person that can’t wait to turn 18 so they can blow out of the rural landscapes and trade them for towers of concrete and the blinding lights of a thriving downtown. There’s also the person that never leaves the […]

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Sungod : Wave Refraction

The Austin, TX music collective Sungod aren’t one to take lightly. Since their inception in 2009 the band, formed by multi-instrumentalists Michael C. Sharp and Braden Balentine, have kept things pretty heady and vast. Taking cues from Tangerine Dream, Sun Ra, John Fahey, and a vast pool of mind-expanding forward thinkers to help mold their […]

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