Clay Walton and John Wilkins of experimental acoustic duo FiRES WERE SHOT capture both the mystical and chaotic in their music. Their use of traditional acoustic folk music coalescing with experimental noise collages gives one the feeling of Ry Cooder or William Tyler being swallowed in a sea of sonic fuzz in the bowery. These […]

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VVV : Spreading Primrose

Shawhin Izaddoost, aka VVV makes music that while hypnotic feels deeper than just the typical dance track. He works in dense soundscapes while locking into tight grooves and connective rhythms which allow the listener to fall into a sonic world deeper than just a club beat. His music mixes elements of 2-step, ambient, techno, and […]

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GRÜN WASSER : Not Ok with Things

Coming from the Chicago underground music scene, GRÜN WASSER makes music that pulsates and taunts. The duo of vocalist Keely Dowd and producer Essej Pollock use the electronic/industrial tradition of Chicago’s storied Wax Trax Records as a jumping off point for their minimalist pulse. A mixture of Meat Beat Manifesto techno heart with the subversive […]

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Lou Rebecca : Restless

There’s something so very exhilarating about Lou Rebecca’s debut full-length Restless. The Parisian starlet shows a knack for writing melodies both seductive and innocent. Rebecca’s voice hangs in the air like a sweet scent, but underneath the innocent swoon is a voracious artist writing songs about heartache and regret. Singing in both French and English, […]

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Missions : Subcreature

There’s a nocturnal feel to Missions full-length debut album Subcreature. A neon glow the emanates like reflections on seedy city streets when the safety of daylight is its furthest distance from you. Dark electro beats and subtle synth structures make a musical narrative for electronic vocals to slink along with. Missions, aka Los Angeles-based musician […]

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