Joel Grind’s “Electric Graveyard”

Musician/producer/music engineer Joel Grind is an artist always working, whether it be in Toxic Holocaust, his electronic solo work, or as a music engineer on other artists albums. Grind seemingly never rests, which is all the better for the rest of us.

Joel is known most for his work in the extreme metal band Toxic Holocaust, but I discovered him with his solo work. Both of his Death Waltz Originals releases, Equinox and Echoes in a Crystal Tomb, are synth-heavy sonic excursions into both John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream territory respectively. Grind puts just as much care into helping you drift away into synth bliss as he does shredding your frontal lobe to chicken nuggets in Toxic Holocaust.

Recently Joel Grind released a new digital single, the propulsive and driving “Electric Graveyard”, and he continues to impress and shine with this amazing retro-futuristic electro track.

You can almost picture traveling some digital, buzzing grid in a light cycle or mainframe tube as this song plays. A Tron-like world forms before you as sequences unfold and a digital world writes itself into existence. Grind’s new track is steeped in early 80s neo-futuristic electro-drive, bringing to mind both Le Parc-era Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk’s Computer World, but with Grind’s driving production and deft sonic touches.

While drifting in the chemtrails left by the greats, Joel Grind very much makes this his own unique music journey.

“Electric Graveyard” is available now over at Joel Grind’s Bandcamp page. Go smash that ‘Buy Digital Track’ button now, or smash it next Friday, September 4th when Bandcamp waives their fees. Whatever you do, just smash it and get lost in Joel Grind’s retro-futuristic world. Well worth the journey. 



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