Michael Dugan’s ‘Mausoleum’

Spoiler Alert!!!  As we roll well into the third month of social distancing and pandemic loneliness there’s one thing I’ve realized: I don’t take advantage of my Shudder subscription nearly enough. I mean, I’ve had it since November of 2018. I grabbed it first and foremost for Graham Reznick’s crazy and most-excellent Dead Wax. That […]

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Hunter Complex : Rain In Europe

Lars Meijer has had a pretty amazing song cycle over the last nearly two years. It started in early 2019 with the release of Open Sea on Death Waltz Originals. Then just two months ago he dropped that album’s follow-up, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees on Burning Witches Records. The songs from both LPs were […]

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Wild Nothing : Laughing Gas

One of the great pleasures in life for me is to drop into a Jack Tatum(aka Wild Nothing) album and just get lost in his 80s-tinged dream pop. I dropped in with 2012s Nocturne and have been a major fan of Wild Nothing ever since. Tatum is all about the hook and the grandeur of […]

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Wild Nothing : Indigo

Jack Tatum has a way with songwriting. He’s proven that since the beginning. Since way back in 2010 when Tatum was recording these dreamy, hazy pop songs in his bedroom that ended up being Wild Nothing’s debut Gemini. On that album the lo-fi aspect of the recordings added a touch of mystery to the proceedings, […]

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“More John Hughes Than John Carpenter” : A Talk With Composer Cory Kilduff

Cory Kilduff was an 80s kid, so that means he was raised on a steady diet of Stephen Spielberg, John Williams, and synth pop. He also developed a fear of clowns(thanks, Poltergeist), a passion for skateboarding, and was changed by Nirvana’s Bleach. Kilduff grew up in Texas in the suburbs, which just outside the city limits […]

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Stranger Danger

I was a worry wart as a kid. I’m a worry wort as an adult, but I was a lot worse when I was much younger. “There’s a thunderstorm warning, which could lead to a tornado watch which could easily become a tornado warning…we’re all going to die tonight in our sleep”, I would usually […]

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