Voyag3r : New York Ninja S/T

New York Ninja is not a movie you’ve seen, but you sort of have. You see, in 1984 John Liu wrote, starred in, and directed this over-the-top ninjasploitation film in New York. It had it all; gritty NYC and crime, a tragedy of epic proportions, and a hero donning a white ninja outfit slicing and […]

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Friday Night’s Alright For Videos

The concept is nearly non-existent nowadays, but there was a time when streaming your entertainment was merely a strange science fiction novella. A Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode. This was the same time when a satellite for television wasn’t some oversized frisbee you tacked onto the side of your house or on a four-foot […]

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Steve Moore : VFW Soundtrack

Ever since I heard Steve Moore’s score for The Guest I firmly believe that he is the secret ingredient to a truly great cinematic experience. Moore won me over of course as synth/bass wizard in the horror prog duo Zombi, but when I first saw The Guest and became enamored with that score it felt […]

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Dead Malls Are My Youth’s Coffin

I recently found a pocket of solace and peace in “Dead Mall” videos on Youtube. A guy drives around the country(or maybe just the Midwest) and tours malls showing their architecture, getting into the history of the malls, and the current state of said mall. As you’d guess, the state of most of these malls […]

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Turquoise Moon : The Sunset City

I’m sitting here listening to The Sunset City, the lost classic from 80s synth duo Turquoise Moon, and I get the feeling of a scorching West Coast sun burning its way into the back of my head. Beach that stretches for miles as palm trees sway in the fading light. Sidewalks once crowded with walkers, […]

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Michael Dugan’s ‘Mausoleum’

Spoiler Alert!!!  As we roll well into the third month of social distancing and pandemic loneliness there’s one thing I’ve realized: I don’t take advantage of my Shudder subscription nearly enough. I mean, I’ve had it since November of 2018. I grabbed it first and foremost for Graham Reznick’s crazy and most-excellent Dead Wax. That […]

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Hunter Complex : Rain In Europe

Lars Meijer has had a pretty amazing song cycle over the last nearly two years. It started in early 2019 with the release of Open Sea on Death Waltz Originals. Then just two months ago he dropped that album’s follow-up, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees on Burning Witches Records. The songs from both LPs were […]

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