VVV Returns With “How Many Times”

Austin-based producer and electronic composer VVV has returned with the urgent and striking “How Many Times”. His single, part of Holodeck Records single series, is a precise electro heartbeat attempting to lead us from the darkness to the light.

Combining ambient 2-step rhythms with haunting melodies and cinematic sound design, VVV works up a kinetic track that feels both of the EDM world and something more akin to ambient activism. VVV has as much in common with Steve Reich and John Cage as he does Burial, Rival Consoles, and Andy Stott on this urgent and propulsive track. His use of looping vocals within the sonic structure adds a humanity, which only goes to make “How Many Times” that much more present.

Holodeck Records describes the track like this:

Inspired by the surge in global authoritarianism and the ruthless crackdown on civil disobedience, VVV’s brooding composition is a stirring dive into both dramatic minimalism and political commentary.

The rising tension of looping vocal samples is heightened by VVV’s dark chord structures and atmospheric breaks, meant to echo the struggles of millions whose human rights have been and continue to be suppressed. Reaching for substance beyond the music, VVV uses his powerful beat craftsmanship to capture and portray the plight of the voiceless on “How Many Times.”

“How Many Times” is art and activism coming together for the greater good. It’s also a chance to get lost in some music for a few fleeting moments within the chaos.

“How Many Times” from VVV is available now for download via Holodeck Records. Head over to their Bandcamp page and get it.

Also, look into Holodeck Records subscription service. $8 a month gets you everything they release digitally, plus more. 

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