Tangerine Dream : Raum

Tangerine Dream has evolved into something far more than just a band. From their beginnings in the late 60s as a German experimental electronic band to their meditative album side excursions in the 70s to the go-to soundtrack creators of the 80s, Tangerine Dream has seen evolution after evolution of sound, style, and mood. The […]

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Proto Droids : Sequential Dreams

Just in time for the October season, Proto Droids(aka Correlations’ Neil Hale) has dropped the 10-track wobbly synth album Sequential Dreams. An album of dreamy, glitchy electronic music to score some late night walkabouts or to just lose yourself for a bit. If you’re familiar with Hale’s Proto Droids project, then you know he’s no […]

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Post-Covid RSD

So yesterday was part 1 of 2021 Record Store Day. The day where vinyl and music lovers gather at their local brick and mortar record shop and buy exclusive music; be it 12-inch vinyl, 45s, CDs, cassettes, box sets, or just to get out of the house on a Saturday morning to say hi to […]

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Making Machines Speak : Gene Priest Opens Up About ‘Ritual’, His Process, and His Influences

Gene Priest is a man on a mission. That mission is to create music as much as humanly possible, and offer his art and creativity into the atmosphere for all to devour. Whether it’s in Cemetery Gates with his life long pal Derek Jones, or in one of the many musical projects he’s been involved […]

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Skragn : Stund

One of the great musical surprises of the year has been Stund from Skragn. Skragn is the name electronic musician Marco Egeberg has given his debut solo music project, one of possibly many more different projects with different names to come. But for now, we’ll concentrate on the present and not the future. Skragn’s debut […]

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