Steve Moore’s “Datavision”

Home today. I spent most of the morning drinking coffee and watching season 3 of Ozark. My wife watched season one with me a couple years ago but tapped out at the beginning of the second season. Too dark for her. Too heavy in the tension and emotions, so she left me to it. I love the show. I think Jason Bateman is an amazing actor, and his directing chops are top notch as well. The rest of the cast is on point, too. Julia Garner blows my mind. I thought she was great on The Americans, but on Ozark she’s on a whole other level. And Jessica Jones’ mom? Please and thank you(yes, I know her name is Janet McTeer.)

So after drinking coffee, making eggs for my wife, my 16-year old and myself, and then burning thru four episodes of Netflix brain crack I put on some exercise clothes and the wife and I took a walk in the misting afternoon. Now I’m back, down in the studio, and zoning out to Steve Moore’s new track “Datavision” from the compilation Portals.

Moore is no stranger to the world of Komische and Berlin School, as he shows on this amazing track. His work varies from project to project; Zombi is full-on prog rock glee, while his solo work touches on both ambient and techno moods. His film work runs the gamut, depending on the film. The Guest sounds nothing like Mayhem, which sounds nothing like Bliss. “Datavision” is some deep space vibes. Big synth expanses open like the sky into the darkness of the milky way. Or maybe this is the sound of traveling thru some mainframe into a fractured supercomputer. If I had to compare this to something, I’d say it’s reminiscent of his work on The Guest, but with a bit more Max Headroom and 80s electro pulse thrown in.

Whatever this is the sound of, I’m all in.

I love that Steve Moore can hit so many different sonic colors and give us something new and exciting each time out. No project feels carbon copied from a previous one, yet you know who the hell you’re listening to right off the bat.

I know I’ve talked quite a bit about Mr. Moore as of late, but he’s giving me reason to talk. His EP early this year, then that new Lovelock. And just last week Zombi announced new album 2020. There hasn’t been much to be excited about the last three months, so when I see a ray of light I’m snagging it and making it last as long as possible, you dig?

Well, it’s almost 4pm so I suppose it’s okay to have a pint or two now. Think I’ll listen to “Datavision” a couple more times then grab that beer and go check in with the Byrde family once again. Like I said, I’m home today. Might as well make the most of it.

Check out the trippy video for “Datavision” below, created by Yoshi Sodeaka. And grab a cold one before you do.

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