“Your Sentries Will Be Met With Force” : A Few Questions With Composer Steve Moore

Musician/composer Steve Moore recently released his latest solo album titled Beloved Exile. This is his first solo album since 2013s Pangaea Ultima, and first full-length released with Temporary Residence. If you’re not familiar with Moore, he’s been part of heavy synth/prog rock duo Zombi(along with drummer/keyboardist AE Paterra) for over 15 years. Besides his work in […]

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Steve Moore : Beloved Exile

On his first non-soundtrack album since 2013s Pangea Ultima, Steve Moore goes deep. Beloved Exile is the musician’s most accomplished and engaging work yet, working with Tunisian singer/songwriter Emel Mathlouthi, harpist Mary Lattimore, and veteran percussionist Jeff Gretz. Along with the acerbic wit of Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle coming up with the album and song […]

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Mayhem!….Bloody Mayhem!

Occasionally I like a good dose of tongue firmly planted in cheek when it comes to horror/action/violent cinema. You get too much of that serious, brooding, bloody cinema and I think it starts to affect you. Like, you only want to eat organic food and drink purified water and you forget the pleasures of a […]

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The Treehouse

A few months back I grabbed the soundtrack to a Belgian horror film called Cub. Not because I was particularly interested in the film(though I do plan on seeing it at some point), but because it was another film soundtrack by Zombi keyboardist/bassist Steve Moore. Moore has been making horror/progressive/futurist music with drummer Anthony Paterra […]

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