Glitch Out With Pulsecoder’s “Wicked Transmission”

The world shifts a bit when you step into the musical landscape of Kyle Evans, aka pulseCoder. Imagine a digital light show inside the mainframe of an overwhelmed supercomputer. Buzzing homemade electronics cry out as if the hard drive was beginning to liquify. But even despite the chaos that surrounds you, there’s a rhythm. A synthetic heartbeat in the form of a techno pulse.

Part Art of Noise, part Thug Entrancer, and part performance art piece courtesy of strobe lights and alien bass lines, pulseCoder’s newest single “Wicked Transmission”(out today via Holodeck Records) is a dark, jagged, and alluring slice of hard electro and experimental noise. It begins in chaos and self corrects just before the ship disintegrates, welcoming dance floor indiscretions and robotic grooves into the fold.

Here’s what Holodeck has to say about pulseCoder “Wicked Transmission”:

Standing at the nexus of digital design, homemade electronics and performance art, Austin-based experimental IDM producer and sound artist pulseCoder emerges with the new single “Wicked Transmission.” Using hacked arcade controllers to manipulate a host of self-made synthesizers, lighting and visual art, pulseCoder’s expressive multi-media performances are a spectacle of technology and inspiring craftsmanship.

Head on over to Bandcamp and buy this exquisite slice of sonic creativity. Bandcamp is waiving fees today, so all proceeds go to Holodeck and the artists. Good day to drop some change in the jar, if you know what I mean. 


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