A Good Day To Visit Bandcamp

There’s really no planning for the world shutting down and discontinuing things like live shows, sitting in cafes discussing life over a cup coffee, and rummaging through records at a good old brick and mortar. But this is where we’re at right now. The world is hiding in seclusion until it’s safe to congregate and mingle among fellow humans. For some this is a minor inconvenience. For others this is rewiring their whole lives to a power source fading into insignificance.

I’m still working and my life has remained relatively unscathed, with the exception of masks when out in public and having my music studio renovated into a homework space. I’m a homebody(hermit), so staying home all the time is pretty much normal for me. Having my kids stuck under one roof for an unknown amount of time may have seemed like bad idea two months ago, but I’ve gotten quite used to it. Breakfasts together, dinners together at the kitchen table laughing and making fun of each other(lovingly, of course) is one of the positives I’ve watch come to fruition.

It may not work out that way for everybody, but it’s working out that way for me.

As an absolute lover of music and having written about music for almost ten years I’ve gotten to know a lot of amazing artists. I’ve gotten to interview some of them and have written ad nauseum of my love for their work. These are the folks that are getting hit the hardest. I know that some haven’t made this their main gig, so not all artists are struggling as much as others. But those that are, truly are.

Bandcamp has become the go-to platform for the independent artist. They can throw their work out into the ether via Bandcamp and control how their art is delivered to your ears, and when it is delivered to your ears. Of course Bandcamp takes a percentage of the sales. There’s costs in hosting a site, so I get it. But for all intents and purposes, Bandcamp is just the space to which musicians rent a spot to sell their work. It’s not a bad set up, and gives musicians and indie record labels a place to connect directly to us music lovers.

A couple weeks ago Bandcamp waived their fees so 100% of BC sales went to the artists. They’re doing it again today. So what are you waiting on? Go buy some music and help out artists that make our lives so much richer and worthwhile. You don’t know what to buy? Okay, I’m dropping some suggestions below. It’s music well worth your time, money, and adoration. Check them out and then get that Paypal account a cookin’.








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