Lou Rebecca : Restless

There’s something so very exhilarating about Lou Rebecca’s debut full-length Restless. The Parisian starlet shows a knack for writing melodies both seductive and innocent. Rebecca’s voice hangs in the air like a sweet scent, but underneath the innocent swoon is a voracious artist writing songs about heartache and regret. Singing in both French and English, the songs give off the vibe of some long lost Euro pop record forgotten to time only to be re-discovered and appreciated for the brilliance it possesses. Produced by Josh Mills(Missions) and written by Rebecca with additional writing help from Mills, Restless is an exquisite dance pop album just waiting to make you move and swoon.

Lou Rebecca has a gift for melody. It’s her superpower(next to her voice.) I hear her sing a song like “Waiting” and I just want to get in my car and drive until the sun lays its weary head in the west. The melancholy swoon and beautifully warm synth melodies give chills as Rebecca sings “And he thought maybe he could have it all
But is it too late,” over a subtle but engaging rhythm. By contrast, the propulsive and seductive “Break It Apart” moves along with the speed of a club banger, but not without pulling us in with a catchy melody and Rebecca’s “come hither” taunt. The team of Rebecca and Josh Mills proves adept at pulling the listener in with a heavy club vibe, but by the end holding us at bay with an engaging turn of the melody.

Throughout Restless Lou Rebecca shows her songwriting and arranging prowess. From the playful sway of “Desire” to the almost baroque pop sensibility of title track “Restless”, Rebecca and Josh Mills build a world encompassed by late night club excursions, seductive glances, and early morning walks along the Seine wondering if this is all there is? It all comes to a head with the dreamy “To Keep You”, filled with a bittersweet sadness made quite easy to indulge in by exquisite production and almost psychedelic electronic sounds.

The best pop albums pull you in and make you feel lots of things; joy, sadness, excitement, and even a little desperation. Restless runs the gamut of emotional landscapes. Lou Rebecca lived up to the promise she made on her debut EP early last year, as Restless is an astonishing work of dance and dream pop that begs for repeat listens. Magnifique.

8.2 out of 10

Restless is available now via Holodeck Records. Order it here

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